Oh. Look at me. Talkin' about upcoming appearances like I'm a somebody. I hope to get there someday...maybe. But anyway, for anyone who cares, here's where I'll make public appearances (aside from work and school, that is).

None scheduled so far. :( (see that smiley. It is sad. It is a sad smiley)

Past Appearances:

Wizard World Chicago: Rosemont, IL

June 26th-29th. I don't know what capacity I'll be there in (as in, if I will have any copies of the book for sale, since I haven't been able to get any bites from agents and I lack the funds for self-publishing (may have to start a donation campaign...maybe, but probably not. I really don't want to do that). Might just go as a spectator this year, as being an exhibitor (even if it was just as 'helper monkey') really drains the energy right outta ya. It would definitely be as a premiere guest (all 4 days of the convention). The point is, if anyone is interested in discussing the project, this is where I'll be...in person!