Website News:1/25/2008: The website is up and running. Posted the Prologue and Chapter One. Started the forum. You should probably go visit it, sign up, post comments, etc.

Writing News: 1/26/2008: Still waiting to hear back from 5 agents. Not lookin' good at this point. Ah well, it happens. Everyone has to start somewhere, right? Right? I've written 3 chapters for the second book, tentatively title Ground Zero. The name could change though, so don't get too attached to it...or, y'know, you could. Then you could post in the forum how much you love the name, then I'd be much more likely to keep it.

I made a profile/page on DeviantArt. It has mostly the same stuff as here...but's DeviantArt! Find me here

1/28/2008: Haven't done any more work on Ground Zero (hmm, that sounds...weird to me). I did, however, write almost all of one of the short stories for the Zero: Oneshots collection. This one is kind of silly, but not really...but it is...Intrigued? You should be.

1/29/2008: I uploaded the first of the my Oneshot stories to DeviantArt entitled Buff, since I decided it was probably more appropriate there than here. I also have another one of the stories finished (both are relatively unedited) and I might get around to posting that sometime soon as well.

2/1/2008: I uploaded the second chapter of Zero due to a request from a friend. Also, no more letters from literary agents, rejection or otherwise, so it looks like self-publishing is the way to go. I have to get prices for that, as well as cover art. So, for any artists out there, feel free to send me a rough sketch (or finished work or whatever...) I think that's all for now.

2/8/2008: I uploaded a quick sketch of Zero to my DevArt site. I just stared at a picture of Nightwing while I tried to draw what I wanted (which probably explains why it turned out so beefy). I will probably upload the 3rd chapter later tonight after work. So anyone who is still following along in the story has that to look forward to!

I did indeed upload chapter 3, so enjoy! I purchased a new printer tonight (one with a scanner), so look out for many, many terrible sketches to pop up on my DevArt page.

2/12/2008: We've reached over 100 hits in just over 2 weeks. Considering I didn't think I'd be getting any, that's kind of me anyway.

2/13/2008: Started a FaceBook group for The Zero Project. (Everyone should join today! Then invite your friends!)

Also, still encouraging everyone to post comments and suggestions on the forum. So far the only forum member is me...which makes me sad. I'm all alone on there. Maybe I'll just start talking to myself.

2/21/2008: It's a Friday again, so everyone knows what that chapter posted! It's here as well as on the DevArt site. Speaking of which, I posted a picture I drew during the week. I call it...the Iron Midget! I also did a colored version, which turned out...not so good, but funny. Anyway, I'll stop now while everyone goes and reads. Reads I say! I sure did use a lot of exclamation points!

3/1/2008: I just barely missed my self-imposed Friday deadline of posting a new chapter. Ah well, dems da breaks, as it were. Anyway, just posted chapter six of the Zero saga! Wooh! Read. Pleeeease. Other than that, round two for the Transformers cover contest my bro is in has started, visit my DevArt page to view his entry.

On the publishing front, I submitted a copy of my manuscript with DAW, a division of the Penguin Publishing Group, so if anyone works there, or knows someone who works there, please put in a good word for me.

4/28/2008: It's been a while since I've updated the site, so here is something. I haven't yet gotten any type of positive news from any major publishers, but I'm still trying. Unfortunately, all work I've done since my last major submission was on a USB drive that I had not let out of my sight. Well, somehow it has gone missing, so all work I've done on the latest draft of the first book and ALL work that I've done on the second book's first draft. So, until I can find that USB drive (which at that point I will make many, many backups of all my work (including vital school portfolio items)) I can't do any more work on the book, including posting revised chapters on this very website.

5/3/2008: I have located all of my missing files, so expect some new postings of things. Maybe more chapters, maybe not. Who's to say?

5/21/2008: I have posted two more chapters of the Zero book and have made some minor revisions to all of the pages. Thank you to everyone who has taken the time out to read any of my book and have provided me with some much needed feedback. Still no progress on the publication front, though support is trickling in, so we'll just keep on truckin' till it bursts (did that metaphor, maybe not so well...)