02/21/2010: Holy crap! Where does the time go? It's been over a year since I've posted an update here. I doubt anyone actually has been checking (or they stopped a long time ago) for updates, but here's one:
Project Zero: BulletProof is available for purchase on smashwords.com
I know what you're thinking, "Hey, isn't that an ebook distributor?" Why, yes. Yes it is. Sadly, I haven't succeeded in my attempts to get the book traditionally published, so I chose the ebook route. Hey, it's free, and in this economy that's always a plus. Does this mean that I've given up on getting my work published on actual pages with actual print? No. No it doesn't. But with all the publishers and agents that I could find rejecting my work (mostly outright, but a few kind ones did at least pretend that they read it. Don't know if they did, but hey, they pretended) I'm not holding out hope for that.
The other thing you might have noticed is that the name of the series and first book have changed. Project Zero, I feel, more accurately reflects the book. Or it sounds cooler. Either way. But no, I had always been kind of mentally flipping between The Zero Project, which sounds like it was, a project encompassing the Zero characters, and Project Zero, which may or may not reflect the material.
As to the title of the book, I've always been unhappy with all of the titles I've come up with. The original working title, which very few know about, is I Was a Teenaged Super Hero, which, under the original direction (which was for much more camp humor and slapstick) would have been okay. Not great, but okay. Zero always sounded just a bit too plain to me. Sure, the first book really is Zero's book. It's his origin story as well as the beginning of his overall story, but still, just too plain. So I went with one of the possible hero names for the character as the title. There's even a section in the book where Lance mentally debates what his hero name should be, though I don't think Bulletproof is one of them. Why is there a capitol P, you ask? Because I said so. And if Tarantino can misspell Bastards and call it artistic, why can't I capitolize the P in Bulletproof?
In related news, I changed the name of the second book to God Sent. Anyone who read the first draft of the second book will know why. If you didn't, well, too bad, you'll just have to wait. Ha.
That's it for now. Hopefully I can stick to actually doing these updates more often. Also, in case you missed it the first time, here's another link to my book on smashwords.com (where you can also see a picture of me in all my beard-y glory):

Over the holiday weekend I posted the entire first book in a downloadable PDF format! I will say this now, I am continually updating the thing, so if you view it one day only to come back the next and notice some changes, you're not crazy.

We may have finally found our artist for the comic! I was amazed when I got his sample back, but I won't make an official announcement until everything is a done deal.

In related news, when the comic gets off the ground (again, hopefully soon) we'll need somewhere to put it, which means: new website! See the forum for details, but I'll need someone to help make it.


Now that the entirey of the first book has been posted, it's time that I can start posting some of the stand-alone short stories that go along with the main Zero stories. I did this because at least one of the stories spoils the ending of the first book. So yeah, don't read those if you haven't finished reading the story proper. Consider yourselves spoiler warned. The first story posted, Teenage Mutant Zombie Midgets, was a story that I had to write for one of my education courses. I like it, probably still needs some work, but I like it.

On a bit more depressing note, I've finally received some negative criticism for my writing. While I do appreciate any and all feedback that I receive, the "you have no business writing anything" type comments are just downright mean.


As the more astute readers will no doubt be aware (and it doesn't hurt that I posted this all over the net), I've posted the remaining chapters for the first book. Please be aware that they are no way final versions of the chapters that will appear in the final copy of the book (if their ever is a "final" copy of the book).

Enjoy and if anyone notices any incorrect or dead links please let me know and I will fix them.


To all my new readers, especially those from the LICD boards, thanks so much for reading. To Mr. Cutler, thanks a lot for your e-mail. I sent a reply, but it bounced back, so I'm not sure you got it (I've heard that it could be a glitch with g-mail and that you did get it, but I could still get the failed delivery message).

The search for an artist has begun...again, thanks to the LICD forum. That place is just fantastic! I've only received one set of samples from a person (who in all fairness shall remain nameless for now), so keep 'em coming. Also, I like to look at art...it's fun. The things look like the things they look like...

I think that's about it on that front, without revealing too much, anyway. On a different note, go watch Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog. That NPH keeps on amazing me. I'm so glad he did that bizarre cameo as "himself" in Harld & Kumar.


It's almost the end of summer, which sucks. It really does. I do all my best work during this season. Probably because I don't have much else to do. So what is it that I've been working on, you ask? Well, I finished writing book 2 in the 'Zero' series. Yup, a whole 'nother full-length novel is in the bag. Unfortunately, that bag is where my books are tending to stay at the moment. Well, while I'm awaiting word on whether a certain contact I made at Wizard World Chicago can help me out on that front, I have time to develop other projects that I've been putting off until I was done writing the second book. One is a short story (may turn into a longer work) entitled "Codename: The Lost Boys." Please note this has no affiliation with either of the Cory's and also has nothing to do with the movies of similar title (yes, I said movies. They actually made a second one, can you believe that?)

Another project is turning the Zero universe into a comic (either web-based or traditional). With that, I am officially putting up a help wanted ad. Note that the working conditions are harsh, and that Tiny Tim will be a very lonely little cripple on Christmas (I'm just kidding. Making fun of kids with disabilities is not funny...). But seriously, artists wanted, as I am not talented in that department. More details on that will be forthcoming.

I think that's all I have for now, as I'm still plugging away on all fronts (with very little to show for it, but all I need is a snowball, then it'll be an avalanche....Wait...did that even make sense?). So please, keep reading and commenting.


It has, once again, been a while since I've posted any kind of updates on this site. So much has happened (and yet, so little) that I don't know where to begin.

First off, no, the book has not yet been snatched up by a publisher, in case anyone was wondering.

Second, I did got to Wizard World Chicago this year, and it was awesome. I met so many people and just had an all around fantastic time. One person in particular that I met was a webcomic author by the name of Ryan Sohmer. I mention this because this man has to be one of the nicest guys I have ever met at one of these conventions (and everyone is super nice, so that tells ya something) and every time I tell someone about the weekend, I always mention Mr. Sohmer and his wonderful story about his girlfriend (now his fiance) and her run-in with the Hulk. You can read his webcomics here and here. Both are awesome and I now have the hardcover of the first volume of LFG signed by the writer and the artist (getting things signed was also something I did a lot of).

On a sour note, Michael Turner, one of the greatest comic book artists to ever grace the industry, passed away during the convention, so that...well...sucked. There's just no other way to put it. However, on a somewhat more positive note, my comic book artist brother created a spiffy tribute to Mr. Turner that he is now selling on eBay (don't worry, any and all proceeds go directly to Mr. Turner's favorite charities). It comes in that one that goes directly to Make a Wish and another that goes directly to a cancer research foundation (just search his other auctions and you'll find it).

Lastly, the last time I mentioned book two of the series, I said I had written three chapters. Well, now I'm up to fifteen or so. And I have to say, if you liked the first book, some of this stuff is going to blow you away. And if you don't like the first one (screw you, but no seriously, don't, cuz I'm not really that mean) I'd still recommend checking out the second one if/when it's published (and it isn't just that I wrote it that I'm recommending this...no seriously...well, ok, maybe a little).

Other than this, I've been taking summer classes to catch up on a few credit transfer snafus and been playing a lot of video games (Lego Indy and Mario Kart Wii (which I am writing a long article on the ridiculousness of availabity of this game)) as well as hanging out with my loving and supporting girlfriend.

PS. See the Dark Knight, it is probably the best movie I have ever seen (yeah, right, as if you needed/wanted my endorsement to go see it).