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Pretty much a staple on any home made website...the links section (not to be confused with the section that contains the links to each page mind you).

Hero Universe Comics - My brothers comicspace page (It's like MySpace for comic book artists. Who knew, right?). If I need to self-publish Zero, I know who I'm going to for a cover. Allegedly, one of our friends will be making him a real website, so that will get listed here too. PS. He does commissions.

Hero Universe Comics 2 - The real website for my brother's comic business is up. It has a cover by Greg Horn on there. Who's that, you ask? If you're a comic fan (and don't already know) you'll know it when you see it.

My DeviantArt site - I'm an awful artist, but I did post some of the Zero book there too. Who knows, maybe I'll get around to posting some unrelated stories (or my terrifying artwork) there too.

The Girlfriend's DevArt site - My girlfriend, however, is a much better artist than me (so if anyone wants to hang her stuff in say, museums, go right ahead). Look, be impressed by her art.

Zero Project FaceBook Group - The brand spankin' new FaceBook group for The Zero Project. It's's's on FaceBook. Show all your friends that you support the Project by inviting them to join in too!

More will pop up here. I'm just waiting to get permission from said website's owners.

 Allegedly this lil button at the bottom here will increase my web traffic, and all I have to do is put the button somewhere on my site. They did not, however, specify where.


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