Updated 2/21/2010: I'm still looking for an artist. I've now graduated from college, but still haven't landed a full-time job, so I'm still not rich. The rest of the information pretty much remains the same, though now the book has been put up as an eBook, found here: http://www.smashwords.com/books/view/10007.
Here's the deal. I've written a full length book (that's what the website is for, anyway) and in a flash of brilliance (maybe) I decided that I wanted to try to turn it into a webcomic (or straight comic book). Being that I am not an artist (here is my deviantart site as proof), I figured I would give this a try.

The first arc would probably be more or less a straight adaption of the book (with some edits to flow better as a comic). Subsequent story arcs will be based on other characters, adventures not explored in the novel, the short stories (if I ever get around to writing more), etc. I would need someone who is particularly good at drawing facial expressions and action sequences.

What I would like are some samples of artist's work, including well, action sequences hopefully, as well as samples of characters from the novel (this also helps me out as I can figure out if I am adequately describing characters as how I see them in my head). You can submit them to the e-mail address for this site, which is: kellenlynch@gmail.com
Seeing as that I am a poor college student, I would not be able to pay, so this is entirely a labor of love on the artist's part (and/or just want to do it for possible name recognition). Though, I would be able to pay for webhosting and stuff like that.