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Kellen Lynch is a 22-year old college student living in Wisconsin. He attends the University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee and is studying to be licensed to teach high school English (preferably Creative Writing and British Literature). Kellen spends much of his time doing school work, but when he isn't he enjoys reading, writing, drawing, and playing video games. He also has a job at a failing big box office supplies retailer, which he hates, so please support his endeavor to become a published author so he can quit his lousy job.
Updated 2/21/2010: Kellen Lynch is now a 24-year old college graduate living in Muskego, Wisconsin. He has his educator's license in Early-Adolescence-Adolescence (meaning 6-12) with a specialization in English (The English 300 license, for those who know the WI State license numbers). He is currently a substitute teacher with the school districts of Waukesha and Muskego-Norway and is hoping to land his first full-time teaching position soon. Please support his efforts to support himself by purchasing the first book in the Project Zero series from smashwords.com: http://www.smashwords.com/books/view/10007
And you can view a picture of the handsome devil himself on his author bio's page (also on smashwords): http://www.smashwords.com/profile/view/kellenlynch