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Ok, by now you've all probably noticed the little tag at the bottom of each of the pages (at least, I think it's on all of the pages...) and are wondering, what the heck is Red Monkey Publishing. And if he has his own publishing company, why does he need an agent to help him find one? Well, guess what, RMP is a made up company that's pretty much an injoke to only me. Other people would get it, but I don't think they're going to visit this site.

It all started when I need just one more image for a calendar project in high school. So, for reasons I can't entirely remember, I put one of those red plastic barrel monkeys (please note: I don't own or am anyway affiliated with Hasbro, who I believe own the copyright to the Barrel of Monkeys game (yes, it's a game...who knew, right?)) down onto the scanner, then, to create a reason for having it, I created the pseudo-company Red Monkey Publishing. Awesome story, right? Eh, maybe kind of. Since then, I've tagged it onto as many school works that I possibly could. So, without further ado...here is the image that has become a staple to my school work since Junior year of high school. (Please also note: If I have to self-publish (see news for slightly more details on that) then it would be under this name...hopefully. (Please don't sue me whoever own the copyright to the monkeys)