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A. Kellar's Company

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Illinois Regiment

of the
Virginian State Line Armed Forces

Portraying the American Revolution 1779-1783

We portray Captain Abraham Keller’s Company of the Illinois Regiment of the Virginia State Line. Colonel George Rogers Clark was the Commander of the Regiment. Abraham Kellar enlisted in January, 1778, as a Lieutenant in Captain Joseph Bowman’s Company. When Joseph Bowman was promoted to Major in December of 1778, Abraham Kellar was promoted to Captain, and assumed command of the Company.

At the time of our portrayal, January of 1780, we had invaded the Illinois Country and participated in the siege and capture of Vincennes. Captain Kellar had been detached for recruiting duty, while his Company has been retained as part of the Garrison of Fort Patrick Henry, Vincennes. We have recently received an issue of fabric and buttons to make up new uniforms.

The women of our unit portray the wives of soldiers, camp followers, and French women of the town of Vincennes.

Our goal is to have fun! Sounds silly, but we want everyone to have a good time and enjoy themselves.

We strive to give as accurate a presentation as possible of  Capt. Kellar's Company and the Illinois Regiment of Virginia. This is accomplished through utilization of the clothing, accouterments and camp gear of the period and gaining knowledge of the lifestyles and campaigns of the Revolutionary War.

The Unit can provide a research source to help you assemble the correct gear and an established organization with scheduled events. You will also gain a multitude of new friends who will share and stimulate your interest in the hobby.

So, welcome to our site and our hobby, we trust you will enjoy!

Lt. Hudson