International project ”Against racism, bullying and rapes with music”

This is internet portal of the international youth project  ”Against racism, bullying and rapes with music” and events related to project. We have 13 participants from the following countries: Finland, England, Germany, Romania, Denmark, Israel and Bulgaria. All the participants are Nightwish fans.

During the project participants compose and write the words to 2-4 pieces of music. The words of the songs are related to racism, bullying and rapes.  Composing and writing of the words happens via internet and all the members have a possibility to participate.

In July 2013, the young people gather together in Kitee, Finland, for 8 days. In Kitee they are going to make a record of the 2-4 pieces of music. The gathering takes place in the Evangelical Folk High School of Kitee.

Tribute Concert 14.7.2013

Young people also organize and accomplish a concert “Tribute-Nightwish –against racism, bullying and rapes”. The program of the concert includes the songs made together and also some songs of Nightwish band. Read more from here.

Nightwish Seminar 11.-13.7.2013

Nightwish Father Plamen Dimov and the Evangelical Folk High School of Kitee organizes Nightwish Seminar for Nightwish fans. Read more about seminar from here

Art Exhibitions

There will be two art exhibitions during the Nightwish week. Another one is by Katharina Benkwitz and another by Nightwish fans. Read more.