Sub-Versive Mysteries

Based in the fictional small city of Columbia, Vermont, the Sub-Versive Mysteries introduce amateur detective Maggie Harper.  


Maggie Harper is living her dream. She’s quit her job as a software developer, cashed in her stock options, and found the perfect business partner. Colin Ritchie is a baker extraordinaire, poet, and former English professor at the college in Columbia, Vermont. Now Maggie and Colin are poised to open Sub-Versive, a café and literary arts center, in Columbia’s artsy downtown. But the grand opening is marred by murder when poet Carter Dorrance is found stabbed to death just before the scheduled reading of his latest work.

The police are satisfied that Colin is guilty—Dorrance had been responsible for his dismissal from Columbia College, and the murder weapon is one of Colin’s knives. But when Maggie begins to ask questions, she finds plenty of suspects who would have liked nothing better than to help Carter Dorrance take his last bow. As Maggie struggles to decipher the tangled poetry of Carter Dorrance’s life and death, she learns a little too much of the truth behind the fiction—and discovers that someone is just waiting to write ‘The End’ to her own life.


Maggie Harper is afraid. She’s been doing weird things. Things she can’t remember. Like placing a bizarre advertisement in the local newspaper. Or inviting 108 third graders to tour her literary center and bistro, Sub-Versive. Or strangest of all, inviting her old college roommate for a visit.

One thing Maggie does remember: the feel of Colin Ritchie’s arms around her and his lips on hers. It only happened once, but it was enough to make Maggie want to re-evaluate their relationship as ‘business partners only’. Not that she’s told Colin. Not yet, anyway.

When Erica Fontaine, her college roommate, shows up on the doorstep insisting that Maggie called and asked her to come, Maggie has little choice but to ask her to stay. Which is a bit uncomfortable, since they didn’t exactly part on good terms in those last days before graduation. Erica had accused Maggie of stealing her fiancé and swore she’d get even one day. It looks like this might be the day. Erica’s set her sights on Colin, and he seems to enjoy the rapt attentions of the curvaceous redhead.

It’s only when Erica’s body is discovered in the walk-in freezer of Sub-Versive that Maggie realizes that someone else is out for revenge. Under suspicion and trying to stay one jump ahead of Police Chief Lattimer, Maggie must untangle a riddle so bizarre that her own sanity is in question. And she only has a little time before the killer strikes again.