Keith's Pens & More

Will Custom!

Customized details can include:
the weight of the pen,
the width of the grip,
the type of wood
and finish.

Not to forget the ink colors! Pens are easily refilled. Ink can be purchased at your local office supply store or on this site.

 Questions and or special considerations 

TempleTerrace, Florida
Phoenix, Arizona
About Pictures
My photography skills
leave much to be desired.
If you would like more
pictures of an item,
please ask.


Welcome to "Keith's Pens & More" 
web store.

custom handmade 
pens, pencils, bottle stoppers, key ring pill carriers & more

 So What's New?

Pencils in the 'And More' tab, like this Golf or Lottery Pencil Holder made from Holly.


--Celtic Knot Inlay-- 
For an addictional $10.00, I can add a celtic knot to your pen.  See a sample in the "Catalog" section.

There are also new Clearance and Catalog sections where you have the opportunity to purchase items at a discounted price as well as get some great ideas for new custom projects.  

I appreciate your patience while my site is being developed.  


Products sent via USPS Priority using the small flat rate box.

Shipments within the United States will be $5.35

Shipments to the United Kingdom will be $16.95 (up to 4 lbs).

 *Note* If the shipping costs are higher, I will cover the difference as a courtesy and thank you.

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