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As Is

This page is dedicated to all the odd ball things you find in the bingos....

Burnt Coils
I refurbed a Miss America where all four score units had burnt step up coils.  Man those things were really burnt.  I couldn't even get the plunger back out of two of them.  Kind of makes you wonder why the fuse didn't blow

Merry Christmas.

Of all the crazy things people do to these games this one is my favorite.  Somebody must have been having problems with a thin clutch so they reinforced it with a little Christmas wrapping paper.

Drag Arm Stops
The timer wouldn't step up in this machine after the fifth ball was shot.  I thought for sure it was a problem with the switch adjustment and timing on the drag arms and CU1 switches.  The steppers would fire but only momentarily.  Well I guess they all do that but this "momentarily" wasn't long enough to let the timer step up.  I really had hard time figuring this one out.  In the end the little foot was missing off the first drag arm and the drag arms were out of time with the top switches.  I took this picture a few days before I found the problem in testing.  I took it in case I had problems with the CU during reassembly.  Didn't notice the boot was missing.

Score Extra Step

This operator really didn't want you to score an extra step.  Talk about overkill.  Could have unsoldered a single wire or bent one switch to do the same thing.


Check out some of the condos the critters built.


Two of my favorite lies when people tell when selling a pinball...
1.)  I never even plugged it in.
2.)  It probably just needs some switches cleaned.
I got this little baby out of the Pittsburgh area.  The owner put an ad on craigslist that said something like...."Game lights up but doesn't power on.  Probably just needs some switches cleaned.  Keys have been lost so the locks will need bored out.  Game is sold as is...not working."   I got into this game by drilling through the lock above the backglass.  The following are pictures of exactly how I found it.
Those are some dirty switches....
Notice I got a free "Tea Towel" in the deal.  Winning!
Hey at least the guy left the spare parts in cabinet down by the transformer.
Cut up Dixie
I got a set of Dixielands out of the Scranton area a few years ago.  The seller made no claims and I got them for about forty dollars each so there is no complaining there at all.  Actually most of them were in pretty good shape.  One game however had a bunch of wires cut in the cabinet.  I mean most of them were cut for whatever reason.  I ended up just taking all the stuff out of the cabinet and putting the wiring harness up on the table for repair.  Turned out to be a lot easier in the end
This game also had an odd wear spot in it for some reason.  Often wondered what caused that.  When I first saw it I thought it was another attempt to mask the serial number.  However, any idiot with a chisel can deface a serial number and if you look closely, you can still read the serial number.   I even thought maybe a door handle opened up there and kept hitting it repeatedly but you'd think that would leave a much more uniform mark.  Who knows.  Believe it or not, this game is now on display in a little mini-museum down in Weirton Wva.  They put the wear mark up against the wall so you can't see it.

Scores 90%
The guy told me this game scored 90% of the time but that there was definitely something wrong with cards five and six.  Good call.  The pinwheel on the search disk was broken.  Wonder how that happned?  Somebody forcing it maybe?

The same Dixie also had a couple bare wires up by the pulse generating switches.  At first I couldn't see where they went but then I noticed the switch stack seemed to have a lot of extra spacers at the top of it.  Turns out somebody unsoldered the wires and took the switches off there.  They must have wanted to use the same screws so they put some extra spacers on the switch stack.  That certainly will keep everybody from paying off the extra replays and "knocking off" the credits.  It was a pretty easy fix once I realized what was missing.

Well here's your problem.
How does this even happen?  Big hammer maybe.  One of the search relays was completely smashed.  It's not gonna score very well like that is it?  Check out the switch stack on the top search relay of this Dixie.

The whole thing with this is....How does this even happen?  There was no other damage at all on this High Flyer.  In fact, it was a really nice game.  Somehow the coin mech got its ass kicked at recess and came home all bent out of shape.  It was still properly mounted inside the coin door.

I guess if there's a "How" then there must be a "Why".  I wish I could think of something clever to say here.  All I can come up with is WHY???   I mean really, this looks like that was a lot of work.  Those little wires are soldered to the contact portion of the burnt fuse.  Maybe the wire is from "fusable link" or something but still....Why?  Why not just buy another fuse.  If it isn't something special and it's just regular wire, why not just use a nail. Why not just solder the wires direct.  This one may be my favorite "What the...." moment so far.