Keith Diver Wells Core Skills as an Experienced Field Sales Professional in Upstate, NY

Keith Divers Wells has extensive years of field sales experience and always strives to accomplish his work in time and pay attention to every minute detail.

Keith’s goal is to provide the framework and the opportunity for each member of his team to develop and refine their skills, process and routine. The three foundations for which he works are –

  1. Target Marketing: This is related with client segmentation, conversion process, prospecting, time management, budgeting best practices and defining the level of service to execute for the clients.
  2. Territory Management: This delve into issues like defining zone coverage, best practices in working with internal sales partners, scheduling best practices, leveraging time for greater efficiency, and a productivity enhancing point system.
  3. Sales Process: Breaks down successful selling into a four-step process: Information Gathering, Value Proposition, Action Steps and Gaining Commitment.

Keith has a strong hold in this field and he easily negotiates with clients and makes his experience rewarding with every process. Being a proven sales professional, Keith Diver Wells ensures that all the parties and processes are satisfied with his work. He possesses strong negotiation skills and is quite careful about his work. He strongly believes in no pressure, timely replies and follow-ups. Overall, he holds an extensive experience of many years under his belt.

After all, a sales professional is responsible to ensure a smooth sales process. He devotes his time to generate new business leads through networking and solves forecasted challenges through the products they sell.