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Home page of the Python Network Management System developers framework. 

Welcome to the PyNMS project page

The PyNMS project started out as a collection of libraries for doing network administration tasks in the Python language. It is a powerful toolkit for interacting with any type of network device. This framework runs on Linux and other Unix-like systems.

Some examples include:

  • XML support
    • parsing
    • generating
    • XHTML
  • SNMP support
    • manager functions
    • SMI query
    • trap receiver
  • Expect-like module
  • Process control
    • Coprocess
      • pipe
      • pty
    • manager
    • subprocess (thread-like API)
  • CLI construction API
  • Network tools
    • ping
    • traceroute
    • HTTP client

And much more...

Discussion Group

Please join the pyNMS discussion group at Google groups if you have questions.

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Project Page

Please visit the PyNMS Project page for more information and source code.

Command-Line Access

Use the subversion command to anonymously check out the latest project source code:

svn checkout pyNMS


Get the Latest PyNMS release tarball right here.