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 Firefox HTML5 Offline-Cache and Local Storage Clearing Add-on (Toolbar button)

On the current version (3.6.12), It sometimes fail to work!! (2010/11/4)

To clear the offline-cache (application cache) on Firefox, you might follow the procedure here. This plugin is a shortcut for this.

This Firefox (3.6+) extension adds a toolbar button. When clicked, the offline-cache (application cache) and local storage (DOM storage) for the site will be completely cleared. This plugin is for developers. Take care to use this.  (NO WARRANTY, MUCH EXPERIMENTAL!!!)
(Since this is my first ff extension, things might behave odd or lack some essential feature. Feel free to modify, extend and re-publish this extension. No credit required. The feature lies at clearcache/chrome/content/ff-overlay.js. All other part is automatically generated by the add-on generator.)


  1. Click the toolbar button on the page which contains a cache-manifest.
  2. If both offline-cache and local storage of that page are cleared successfully, the dialog box like below will open. The message will contain the full path to the cache-manifest.


download `' from the `Attanchements' link below. Rename the extension to `.xpi', then open it with the Firefox.

Twitter ShowStatusSequence Script for GreaseKit (Safari plugin) - 特定のtweetの前後のtweetを閲覧するスクリプト

特定のtweetの前後のtweetを閲覧するスクリプト を Safari に移植しました。


  1. GreaseKit をインストール
  2. gm_functions をGreaseKitにインストール (ローカルに gm_functions.user.js という名前で保存してSafariで開くとGreaseKitのダイアログが出る)
  3. 下にある showstatussequence.user.js をGreaseKitにインストール


Keigo Imai,
Nov 11, 2010, 4:14 PM
Keigo Imai,
Jul 6, 2010, 6:59 AM