Community as Cornerstone

Our name means “a new community”.  While deeply connected to the historical experiences of the Jewish people, we find a profound sense of belonging in our contemporary communities as well.  This connection often leads to increased ritual observance and experimentation with the ritual rhythms of Jewish life.


Spiritual Seeking

Reconstructionists hold diverse ideas about   G-d, but we share an emphasis on godliness—those hopes, beliefs and values within us that impel us to work for a better world.  Kehillah Chadashah strives to create a spiritual atmosphere and one where we as a community take deliberate steps to improve our congregational community, local community and the larger world community.


It is the mission of Kehillah Chadashah to create  a kehillah (community) to worship and to learn where members have a sense of ownership and inclusivity, connecting and including our youth, family, friends and Israel.
Guiding Principles
We value:

·  Torah and G-d

·  Jewish Heritage, Traditions and Rituals

·  Jewish Education, Spirituality and       Lifelong Learning

·  Community, Community Involvement and Social Action

·  Connectivity to Each Other and to Israel

·  Our Youth, Families and All Generations

·  A Caring, Welcoming and Affirming Community.

2012-13 Calendar
February 8 - Shabbat Services
February 22 - Kabbalat Shabbat/Discussion
February 24 - Purim Celebration
March 8 - Shabbat Services
March 22 - Kabbalat Shabbat/Discussion
March 26 - Pesach Congregational Seder
April 12 - Shabbat Services
April 14 - Yom Hazikaron/Yom Ha'atzmaut
April 26 - Kabbalat Shabbat/Discussion
April 27 - Lag B'Omer Havdalah Picnic
May 10 - Shabbat Services
May 14 - Shavuot Torah Study and Havdalah
May 24 - Kabbalat Shabbat/Discussion
June 14 - Shabbat Services
June 28 - Kabbalat Shabbat/Discussion
July 12 - Shabbat Services
July 26 - Kabbalat Shabbat/Discussion
August 9 - Shabbat Services
August 23 - Kabbalat Shabbat/Discussion