General Club Information

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General Club Information


 In case a meeting is missed, a Member may make up his/her attendance in one of the following ways:

o    By attending a regular meeting of another Ruritan Club 30 days before or after the meeting of their own Club.  A Member upon making up his/her attendance should present to the Club Secretary a certificate from the secretary of  the other Club certifying that he/she attended a regular meeting.

o    By attending a Board Meeting of his/her own Club.

o    By attending a National, District or Zone meeting.

o    By participating for a minimum of four (4) hours in a community service related project that is in addition to any community service project of his/her Club.

 Any Member absent from three (3) consecutive regular meetings without presenting a legitimate excuse to the President, may at the discretion of the Board of Directors, be dropped from the Club roll.



 Membership is acquired by invitation only.  Any Member of the Club in good standing may hand to the President, in writing, the name of any person proposed for membership, endorsed by another Club Member in good standing.  Forms for this purpose are available from the Secretary.


 Dues shall be $153 per year for all adult Active Members ($45.00 for an Associate Member), and $124 for youth Members, payable quarterly in advance.  Breakdown of dues are as follows:

Ruritan National                                  $ 44                $15

District                                                         1                    1

Meals                                                      108                108

 Dues for Associate Members are $44.00 per year for Ruritan National and $1.00 District Dues; meals are paid at meeting attended.  Dues should be paid to the Treasurer on or prior to the monthly meetings in January, April, July, and October.



Upon written application to the Board of Directors setting forth good and sufficient reasons, a leave of absence may be granted, excusing the Member from attending meetings of the Club.  This written application must specify the length of time desired, which in no case is to be granted for a period of less than three (3) months nor more than one (1) year.  A Member on leave shall be counted neither absent or present on the Club roll.