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Citizenship and Patriotism

To foster love of our country and pride in being a citizen by promoting activities and philosophies which enable each of us to become more aware of our unique rights and responsibilities which are ours because we are Americans.
The Keezletown Ruritan Club is proud to serve 
as a polling station in the Keezletown Precinct of Rockingham County
Russ Lawrence, Chair
Cathy Miles
David Peters
Joe Smith
Megan Smith
Howard Lind
David Nankivell

2017 Goals and Objectives

1.     Maintain and replace flags at Ruritan Park (American and Ruritan) 

2.     Provide facility for voting on Election Day (rental value).                   

3.     Sponsor local high school students to Model General Assembly         

4.     Sponsor local high school students to Boys & Girls State   

5.     Recognize local veterans during November Club meeting.

6.     Maintain a plaque to honor Club Members who have passed away.     

7.     Select and honor the “Community Citizen of the Year” (if chosen).               

8.     Conduct a Flag Disposal Ceremony at local elementary school for 5th graders.  

9.     Solicit Flags from other Clubs, individuals, and business to be disposed of during Flag disposal ceremonies.

10.  Encourage Members and Community to vote.

11.  Maintain website to promote citizenship and patriotism.

12.  Sponsor Zone 1 Dynamic Freedom Books distributed to local high school seniors at Graduation  

13.  Promote citizenship and patriotism in monthly newsletter, brochures, and placemats.                                            

14.  Support cell phones for Troops (collection and shipping).

15.  Support the Troops by collecting and shipping books to active soldiers and Veterans Hospitals.  

16.  Support K9s for Warriors                                                       

17.  Support a local veteran in need.                                              

18.  Conduct a Flag Disposal Ceremony and invite Veterans to Family Picnic.

19.  Select and honor the “Ruritan of the Year”