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This page contains links to various comcis created by me, Keeyoh! Exciting, I'm sure.

The comics vary in topic, however, they are all based off of real life experiences and people.

Feel free to familarize yourself with the character sheets provided below.

I apologize for any disappointment that may occur after hearing all of this hype about my comics.




World of Warcraft Character Sheet(s)

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Page Two

Other Comic Character Sheet(s)

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The Comics

And now, what you've all been waiting for...the comics!

As you'll probably notice, most of my emphasis has been on making World of Warcraft comics.

It's an understandable venture, since WoW tends to consume peoples' lives.

Also, just to note, any "crossover" comics will be placed in the "Other" category.

Hopefully this will not create too much confusion.

(And will help beef up the non-WoW category).

World of Warcraft Comics

Other Comics



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