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Tools Of The Digital Racer

 My working area...I thought it was quite a mess but got corrected quickly...on slotforum he-he!

I will say it probably over and over again till you want to come and shoot me or something...but if you want to chip cars you are going to need a DECENT soldering iron. Not some cheapie thing...This will be the best investment you make when it comes to tools for chipping cars. Promise.

Look at getting a soldering iron that has interchangeable tips. This allows you to switch between super fine tips and bigger tips for bigger jobs. Versatility is the name of the game. Look to see if you can get something from Weller or Antex. Weller is expensive. Antex not so much. One of my fellow racing friends bought a soldering station off FleaBay...and so far it's not going to bad....but we will see.
Also get some lead free solder...you should know by now that lead is not your best friend when it comes to your health.
It's best to get the thinnest you can - I use the 0.5mm/22swg stuff. It works just fine for the kind of soldering you'll see on my site. Rapid electronics sells good stuff. Promise.
I use the Weller WD 1 soldering station. Never looked back. It has never let me down and I love it. It goes from 0 to 350 in 10 seconds. Eat your heart out Clarkson.


 The WD 1 in action. Beauts.

OK that is the solder and soldering iron sorted.

Next....PLEASE get yourself some decent wire strippers. Really...these things saves you HUGE amounts of time. And if you get hooked onto digital you are going to strip a lot of wire. I'm not going to bang on about it. Just trust me on this one.

Wirecutters...and not the one your electrician or "sparky" (as they're called here in the land of the Queen) will use...we're talking the small version for electronic work. Once again please go for the cheapest one....you will not be surprised then that it will be broken in a months time...and you can spend some more of your hard earned money on another one...PLEASE by yourself a decent one - you will be using it often. It is an investment.

Long pointed pliers.

Xuron tool to nip plastic bits off

Set of screwdrivers flat and philips (star) tipped.

Stanley or hobby knives.

Hot glue and the gun that goes with it...better known as a gluegun...doh!!


Cutting Mat. Ditto. Nothing more to say there really - search eBay there's a lot of people on there selling them.

Helping hands - there are several models to choose from. I have 2 at this stage, one of the best pieces of kit ever.


On the other hand if you don't have all the tools etc. and want me to install and/or upgrade chips at a small fee send me an email - I charge for my time not for profit.