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Re-programming a chip

Please read the following information on MIH's website about the re-programming of chips, the code and the reasons behind re-coding.

The information here is more about the cables that I have made to make re-programming a bit easier, as there were and probably will be different versions of the software.

All I really do - after some experimentation - is to add a 1.0 5 way JST plug to the 5 pads on the C7006. A DPR chips can also quite easily take a plug and is quite robust with the plug on it.
However, life gets substantially challenging with the F1 chips. I prefer not to put the plug on them because the soldering is way to fragile and not robust enough to install in a car and then to expect to be able to re-program it, so it's only a clean reprogram for them.

If you have read the information on the electricimages website then you will know that connecting the 5V line to your PC instead of a powerbase is not the recommended way of doing it. I have however done this with several chips and kept one of the chips "on-line" for more than 3 minutes and nothing on the chip warmed up enough for me to feel. 3 Minutes should be MORE than enough to re-program a chip. In fact if it takes more than 30 seconds then you're doing something wrong.  

C7006 with a 1.0 JST plug soldered to the 5 pads ready to be reprogrammed:

Here is a picture of how the complete cable needs to be made up:

Because the pads on the chip is not in the same order as the PIC programmers wiring, the cable also doubles as a bit of a "converter" to get everything nicely lined up.

I can now sit and watch TV while upgrading my chips, no PB in sight to get power from as the power is supplied by the 5V from the USB interface on my laptop. Neat stuff! :-)

On the other hand if you don't have all the tools etc. and want me to install and/or upgrade chips at a small fee send me an email - I charge for my time not for profit.