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Digital Slot Car Brands

So far all the major players in the slot car world has introduced some kind of a digital system - because they know what's good for them...

The one major drawback is: The systems are NOT interoperable. 

Example: You can't use a Carrera digital car on a Scalextric digital track.
If you do want to do this you need to take out the Carrera digital chip and replace it with a Scalextric digital chip. In the case of Carrera cars you can usually buy an analogue version of most of the digital cars - saving you some money. But I see Carrera is getting a bit naughty these days and only releasing some cars in digital...naughty-naughty-naughty...and the new analogue cars don't have any lights any more...

This whole situation is quite unfortunate from a user perspective - but from a corporate one, well, these people aren't in the business for love and charity...
I mean Carrera or whoever does not really want you to be able to buy a Scalextric car and just pop it on the track and it works....that would be far too easy.
Anyway, sarcasm aside. There are ways to get around this issue, and it just makes this hobby more interesting at the end of the day. You'll also learn some skills in the process which is never a bad thing.

So lets get to the big players and their systems:

  Scalextric Sport Digital...or just SSD as we call it - British

  Pro-X (old) and has been replaced with D132 or D124 depending on scale - German

  SCX - Digital System...nothing more nothing less - Spanish

  Ninco - is just N-Digital - short and sweet - Spanish

I have quite a bit of experience with Scalextric and Carrera. 
  • Experience with Scalextric track system and chips. 
  • Experience with chipping Carrera cars with Scalextric chips.
  • Experience with retrofitting Carrera cars with lights.
  • Re-programming Scalextric chips to In Car Pro.
  • Fitting Scalextric cars with chips.
Nothing more unfortunately - and therefore most of the stuff I mention here will be related to the Scalex\Scalex and Scalex\Carrera combinations of digital slot racing.