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Digital acronyms and terms

APB - Scalextric Advanced Power Base Part Number C7042

DPR - Digital Processor Ready - Scalextric Digital "Pod" that will fit into a "DPR ready" car. Will fit into a Pioneer slot car as well. But nothing else at the time of writing.

Solder In Chip - Usually the Scalextric C7006 or C7005 as opposed to the 2 Scalextric DPR chips

In Car Pro - Software developed by Electric Images from Slotforum/Auslot to reprogram the standard Scalextric chips for more reliable and improved performance

LC - Lane Changer of witch there are 2 flavours for Scalextric:
        CLC - Curved Lane Changer
        XLC - Cross Over Lane Changer (This is straight piece of track)

PB - Power Base

PB Pro - Is a team of racers that improve SSD systems

RMS - Race Management System - Applies to digital and analogue racing

SSD - Scalextric Sport Digital - The name for the Scalextric digital system

SSDC - Scalextric Sport Digital Console is an example of a RMS