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JGTC/SuperGT Chip

I have chipped over a 100 cars but these are special...

JGTC/Super GT cars

Now these cars are special. Long story about them that I'm not going to get into. But they do not have the standard digital pod that Scalextric cars have.

Quattro-X, later Takara, made digital pods for these cars, but these things are as hard to find as the popes children. So what we do is retrofit the Scalextric digital C7005 F1 chip into it. Some other people prefer to put the C7006 in there but it's a waste. The C7006 has a lighting board built into it. The JGTC cars don't have lights fitted as standard....so put 2 and 2 together. It's a waste. If you're not planning to retrofit lights into your JGTC just go with the C7005 F1 chip already. 
It fits perfectly. No cutting. No grinding etc etc like one of the other sites want you to do - but once again if you want to make life difficult for yourself then there you go, put the the C7006 in there. 
There is also no need to drill holes etc for the sensor...the Takara pod already has a hole for the sensor...
Just don't say you won't warned. Evil laugh! 

Here is nice clear picture of how you need to wire up the Quattro-X pod. Note the direction the pod is pointing.

There is also another "catch" to these pods. See those metal "connectors" on the side where the wires are soldered on? Well, you need to separate those. Best done with a small grinding tool like a Proxxon or Dremel. 
What I mean by separation is: 
  1. Out of the car you will have to take them off the pod. There are 2.
  2. Then you have to cut them down the middle as mentioned above - you should have 4 pieces now.
  3. Then solder the wires to them, and for gods sake don't be as stupid as I was the first time and try to solder them while they still on the pod, you WILL melt the pod!
  4. Then put them back onto the pod like in the photo below.
  5. Job done.
Maybe I'll put a video on here of how to do these...let me know what you think.