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"Chipping" a Carrera Car

Carrera Ferrari 575 - worse case scenario...well, for me...

This car has a few tricks up it's sleeve. It seems it must be one of the last cars that Carrera produced, that does not have the half tub interior. Instead, it's got a bit of both, a half tub at the end and semi full tub at the front.

The problem is: the C7006 saloon chip won't fit as standard into the chassis....so what to do?
I put a few pics together for the critical differences.

In this case I'm also going to retrofit the lights in this Ferrari - but that is not such a big issue, fitting the chip is the main concern here. I don't really believe or like grinding away at a chassis of a car. I always try to find away to fit a chip without having to chop up the chassis - not only for practical reasons but also for aesthetic reasons. I'd rather chop up a chip than a car, in short! :-)

NB - Please watch this video on You Tube on how to solder if you are unsure.

So here goes with the Ferrari:

Step 1: Stripping zeee car

Strip the car....and I mean strip it completely. Take out all the Carrera stuff inside. If you want to keep the factory lights please do - I just take these specific ones out because I want brighter lights. Most of the times I keep the Carrera fitted lights.

Also remove the lugs that keep all the Carrera bits together - I snip them off with a Xuron tool.

Because I'm replacing the lights the light fittings can also be removed (just pull of the bracket and it will look like below):

Step 2: Removing the white plug from the chip (if you're not planning on doing this move to step 4).

OK so on to the chip, I'm using the C7006 as I do, 90% of the time.

Because the white "plug" on the C7006 causes a problem with space in the Ferrari I remove it.

I have lost more chips by removing the plug than anything else - because of this, I now have a bulletproof way of doing this thanks to GregK from slotforum. Thanks Greg!

First, you will need to put it in something sturdy like a bench vice otherwise you going to loose fingers:

Then remove the white plastic around the 4 pins with a scalpel or hobby knife. If you remove just the top part nicely, the remaining plastic can just be pulled off.

You should end up with a chip that looks like this:

Now warm up the pin very closely to the board and you should be able to pull out the pin and the wire:

You should end up with the chip looking like this:


NOTE THE B, R, G, Y for the wire colours - TYPICAL SCALEXTRIC - THEY ARE WRONG! 

B=Yellow NOT Black
R=Green NOT Red
G=Red NOT Green
Y=Black NOT Yellow

You'd think Scalextric would have fixed that by now....

Step 3:

Get the replacement wire in there! I use some of Rapid Electronics "alarm wire" as recommended by RichG from slotforum. Much cheaper than buying separate wire.
Just cut it to length and separate the white plastic from the 4 core wires. There you go! You have Red, Yellow, Black and Green wires.

Tin the 4 wire ends after stripping about 1mm of plastic sheath off them and then solder them back into the holes of where the plug use to be:


After you've completed this, in the case of the Carrera 575 Ferrari, you need to lay it down between the front axle and the tub at a 2-3° angle. You should be able to put the body back on this way, whatever you do, always test fit!

OK, time for some coffee...ahhhh.

Step 4: Fitting the sensor

OK, next thing to do is to drill a hole for the IR sensor. For this I use 2 drill bits in a pin vice, yes you guessed it again, it's a decent pin vice because the 1st set I got off of eBay was rubbish.
First I drill a 1mm "guide" hole and then complete it with a 3mm bit. Don't be tempted to use an electric drill...you will break something.

Sensor fitting snug in the hole - secure with a little super glue.

Step 5: Wiring it all up

The green wire from the chip always goes to the left side of the guide. That is if the car itself is pointing to the left. The yellow goes to the right.

With the car still pointing to the left, the black wire goes to the furthest pad on the motor. The red wire goes to the closest pad on the motor.  Well I guess this is the non-technical way of remembering it but it works for me.

Please note in the picture the original guide wires are also red and black, so red goes to green and black goes to yellow. Only for Carrera cars.

Now test it before the body goes back on.
You should have a working chipped car now.

Any comments; corrections or suggestions please email me.

On the other hand if you don't have all the tools etc. and want me to install and/or upgrade chips at a small fee send me an email - I charge for my time not for profit.