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Hi there and welcome to my site.

My site is dedicated to digital slot car racing - specifically on the Scalextric Sport Digital system or SSD as it's known in the hobby. That is your first acronym of many right there! SSD....and my story so far of running mostly Carrera cars on the Scalextric digital system. I also run Scalextric, Slot.it, Ninco and Pioneer cars.

I used the term geek in my website because most of the people I've met so far in this part of the hobby is a bit "geeky"...said tongue in cheek. ;-)
In my personal opinion this "geekiness" is what keeps a lot of the analogue racers away from the digital scene but it does not stop them from constantly criticizing the digital world. It's something relatively new to slot racing. It changes a lot of the "old time" thinking of analogue and that is exactly why we get a lot of flak...people don't like change...and this is a MAJOR change.

So what is this digital malarkey? Very basic concept: Digital racing allows for more than one car to race on the same slot or "lane" but still be controlled individually by every racer. So far with the basic digital sets you can race 6 cars simultaneously on the same lane. 
There are more advanced systems that accommodate up to 20+ cars on a track but here on my site I'll be referring to the basic stuff.  

Analogue racing does not allow for this. Analogue racing allows for only one car to race in one lane. There is no overtaking, lane changing or anything that resembles real world racing. Instead analogue relies on the racer to set-up the best lap time for the lane that he is racing in. Analogue does allow for much faster racing than digital. The reason for this is quite simple. Power. Analogue basically has dedicated power to every car. In a digital system the power needs to be shared between all the cars and all the "bits" that run the digital systems. 
There are options to change this, but it involves a lot of soldering and conversion of bits - which is what this site is all about! 

My parents bought me some unknown brand slot car set when I was very young. I loved it but it broke after about six months and then I pulled all of it apart to see how it works! To say the least, after that, there was NO chance of it EVER working again! My interest in the hobby returned a few years ago when I bought the Scalextric Digital GT set on sale at a Modelzone in Croyden England. When I saw how the hobby had progressed I was instantly hooked. Then I started reading and researching on mostly the internet  and I came across a really good forum called slotforum. After doing a few days of reading, I realised that I just entered the hobby at the right time...connecting a computer to your track was the hype and after reading that I was completely hooked!
Browsing the forum I realised there was a digital club literally 500 yards away from my home! I met a lot of lovely people that share the same interest and I highly recommend that you consider joining a club. You will learn and share so much...and make some friends in the process.

Right after buying my discounted Scalextric set I also started looking for my favourite cars to race: German DTM cars. I absolutely love these monsters and have been to several DTM races at Brands Hatch in Kent, England. After trolling the internet for a few days, it was clear to me that there was slot car manufacturer, Carrera, that made these cars and what's more they made my favourite car! Timo Scheider's matt black Audi A4. Well I have to be honest, I am a bit of a an Audi fan so it was never going to be a Mercedes! After discovering these cars I was really interested in getting them running on my now ever growing track...and so my story started....and my bank balance never looked the same again!
I love mostly GT and saloon cars but also have a place in my heart for F1 cars.

I will be sharing my experiences here on my site. Please feel free to troll around and if you need more help or something explained do not hesitate to send an email.

I will be using casual english language on my site and I will use some sarcasm, constructive criticism and  general banter...if you don't like that kind of thing....well, don't read any further. This site is also not final. It will evolve...as I learn new things. :-)

Many thanks.

SlotCarGeek aka Keeto.

* I moved to Houston, Texas a year ago and still trying to settle down, as soon as I have there will be more frequent updates on the website.

© Everything on this website is mine. You do not have the right to use it without my consent. If you want to use anything on this website send me an email and ask. Common courtesy. Thanks.