Hi! Did you end up here because you read Scott Barry Kaufman's article? 

If not, please have a look! Why? Because this article gives a nice and short overview of the most important findings of my PhD research, which I carried out at the Methods department of the faculty of Psychology of the University of Amsterdam, and of which part was granted the Thompson Award (2008) of the Behavior Genetics Association. It is about the development of (general, fluid and crystallized) intelligence as a function of genetic and environmental influences. 

One may consider my thesis as being primarly theoretical and scientific philosophical, but I stress that "[t]here is nothing so practical as a good theory”. (Lewin, 1951). The development of substantive theory helped me a lot in developing my expertise in scientific methods and statistical modeling, for example. Without that expertise, I wouln not have become assistant professor at the department of Methods & Statistics of the College of Child Development and Education of the University of Amsterdam, where I currently work. It also came in handy previously, during my postdoctoral research, which I carried out at the department of Biological Psychology at the Vrije University in Amsterdam (the Netherlands) - in collaboration with the Psykologisk institutt in Oslo (Norway) - and at the depertment of Psychiatry of the University of Vermont (U.S.A.).


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