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Q.    What if I lose my card?
A.    You can purchase a replacement card, with the exact number of remaining classes from KYF for $2.00.

Q.    How long is my card good for?

A.    Each card is valid until the last day of the Winter Session.

Q.    How can I earn a free class?
A.    You can earn a free class for every participant you bring who signs up for 12 classes!  Spread the word!

Q.    How do I sign-up?
A.     You can sign-up by following the instructions on our Sign-Up Process page or come to the practice site 15 minutes early so you can fill out the registration forms and pay the fees.

Q.    How much do the classes cost?
A.    Our fee information can be found on our Program Information page and can be paid through our Payment Center.