About Us

Welcome to Keep Your F.O.R.M.!

Hi, my name is Coach Tri. I am a certified personal trainer and have been a youth track coach for about 10 years. My wife, Eddren has been coaching youth track for about 7 years. We love kids and we love track. Track is fun and is a great way for kids to stay in shape. We have found that the track season is way too short and doesn't really give kids the proper amount of time to exercise nor to practice the drills necessary to learn and master each essential skill. They need it year-round. So we put together this program - "Keep Your F.O.R.M." - to offer an affordable way to keep kids exercising while practicing correct running form.

People today don't get enough exercise. Kids jogging a mile or so, once a week in school just won't cut it. Today, kids hardly go outside to play.  Over the summer, and during the entire off season of a sport, unless the kids are involved in another sport, the kids don't have much physical activity.  It's hard to get kids away from the T.V. and video games, but it is a must! Their present and future health is at risk. We offer them a challenging and rewarding place to go for one hour - three days a week. They can make new friends, get some needed exercise and have fun while doing it! We will teach them the importance of taking the time to “do it right the first time,” in order to gain the greatest benefit from the drill or exercise. Our participants will work with an emphasis on technical improvement, coordination improvement, core development, as well as strength and endurance training. We want every athlete to gain the understanding that everyone has the opportunity to achieve their potential and compete at their highest level possible. If they are not involved in a sport. We hope to inspire them to join a sport such as track or any other sport, to continue their exercise program. When they return to their particular sport next season, they will be ready to go, and not have to start over or get back into shape.

We'll workout in the park mostly, but every now and then we will go to the beach and workout in the sand. We'll go to Pierce College to work out in the hills and on the track. We'll give you more details once you have signed up. We look forward to meeting and working with our new athletes!