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Letter from a township resident to our Supervisors, January 7, 2018

posted Jan 7, 2018, 11:55 AM by Stop Judd   [ updated Jan 7, 2018, 11:58 AM ]
The following letter was sent to each of our township supervisors.  The author's name has been withheld but they have asked that we share their message to the community.  If you would like to share your own opinions directly with our supervisors please contact them using the information available in this link:  Northampton Township Website.

If you would like your opinions to be shared with this community please forward to contact@keepspringmillgreen.com.

As a resident of Northampton Township for 20 years, I’m writing to you to express my interest in saving Spring Mill Country Club in favor of cultivating this close-knit community and the historical charm of Northampton Township.

To provide some background, my father first joined Spring Mill in 1989 simply to play golf. But over the years it has become one of the most unique parts of Northampton Township. ‘Country club’ and ‘unique’ are two words that rarely go together, but Spring Mill’s offerings are so much more than a standard country club. They provide affordable spaces for weddings, celebrations, and the countless bar/bat mitzvahs that I attended as a teenager; low-cost mini-golf and driving range opportunities that allow everyone to participate; and affordable fitness centers. They also are one of the few remaining dining establishments in the area that have a ‘regular’ crowd, where everyone is always welcomed. Clearly, Spring Mill’s offerings go beyond a standard 18-hole golf course in providing a sense of community for Northampton Township.

In reading up on Northampton Township’s history, I noticed an interesting description of what the community was like centuries ago:
“Life was never dull for farmers or their counterparts on the farm. Activities included big political parades and Memorial Day parades to the local cemetery, church and school picnics, serenades of banging pots and pans at the homes of newlyweds, carnivals and dinners at the firehouse, chautauquas when people gathered to enjoy plays, reading poetry, and listen to and partake in discussions, and of course, the trips to and competition in the county fairs. Today, many landmarks have changed or disappeared, and new activities have replaced the old."

Closing Spring Mill would only contribute to a township that is in danger of losing its historical presence, seemingly made up of identical developments. Though one could argue that the DePaul Group would provide affordable housing to families in the area, there is certainly no dearth of such a concept in Northampton Township. For example, the Village Shires Community Association provides cost-effective housing to thousands of residents.

There are many more objections I have to closing Spring Mill, such as:
  1. It would hurt commuters who rely on the already densely-trafficked Jacksonville Road as a way of getting to Warminster Regional Rail Station in the morning- such as myself. I was informed that a traffic study took place, but not at peak traffic times.
  2. This would generate a larger carbon footprint in a local environment that is prided on being sustainable by building hundreds of homes and thereby inching towards more pollution.
  3. Northampton Township would lose valuable green space in a community that is defined by its rich farm history.
Though I am upset by the developers’ plans, I have confidence in knowing that my elected supervisors have similar values as this community. Spring Mill is a beautiful woodsy area, a special place for Northampton Township.