KNeW issue 1 is here!

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The first issue of Keep NEwcastle Weird

was launched by Marcus Westbury at Curve Gallery on 4 October, 2013

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(Photos by Mark MacLean)

(Photos by Hédimo Santana)

(Photos by Lisa Who of Curve Gallery)

The magazine

Keep NEwcastle Weird is a new, free, online magazine dedicated to the particular weirdness, or blend of weirdnesses, that gives Newcastle its distinctive character – or perhaps better, its “bouquet”.

We invite connoisseurs of this bouquet to contribute their creativity to the first issue, in any medium, genre or style – short fiction, non-fiction or “faction”; artwork, comics, photography, music or video; or indeed any medium that lends itself to publication in an online magazine.

Contributions can be poetic or political, silly or studious, the product of a long gestation or the result of a moment of intense inspiration, as long as they are about, or contribute to, the long history of weirdness in the region of which Newcastle is the hub (including the Hunter Valley, Lake Macquarie, the Central Coast and Port Stephens).