This site is dedicated to the television show EMERGENCY! that ran from 1972 to 1979.  The series followed the lives of two Los Angeles County firefighter-paramedics as well as the rest of their crewmates and the emergency room staff of Rampart General Hospital.  They dealt with everything from trash fires and broken arms to major brushfires and mine collapses.
Because it was one of the first shows to follow the lives of emergency medical workers, it was ground-breaking and paved the way for the medical and emergency shows to follow.  One of the many aspects of this show that was so incredible was the cast.  Not only were some of them heavy-hitters for the time, but they also worked extraordinarily well together and the chemistry was nothing short of inspired.  A script is only as good as the people acting and directing it can make it, and this is one case where all of the right elements were in place.
Keep Me Going-365 is a site dedicated not only to this show but to the brave men and women upon whom this show was based: the paramedics, firefighters, doctors, nurses, and police officers.  We are a great deal safer thanks to these individuals than we would be without them, and they deserve much more thanks than they ever receive.