Liferay Community Wiki

My accomplishments made it possible for other Liferay community members to revise and update articles after they were contributed as part of an open-source partnership between Sun Microsystems and Liferay:
  • Installed and configured the Sun implementation of the Liferay 5.0 portal server software on a lab machine so that the writing team could research and write articles based on the current software build.  This also made it possible to validate and revise the download and installation instructions that were provided  with the early access builds. 
  • Evaluated the use of SGML-based tools to author wiki output that could be posted to the Liferay community wiki.  This required posting the wiki output "as is" to determine the necessary modifications for acceptable display (which primarily consisted of list and link formatting).  This was the approach that I used to manually reformat the remaining articles so that they could be posted to the Liferay 5.0 wiki within the terms that were discussed.
You can view the contributed articles that I authored here. My blog also provides insights on the impact of Web 2.0 technologies and open source software are having on how products and services are documented.