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Keeping the Faith is published quarterly through the cooperation of the Finger Lakes CYC and The Christadelphian Advocate.


KTF "Mission Statement"

Dear Young Brother and Sisters,


Many of you are probably familiar with the publication “Keeping The Faith,” the quarterly supplement to the Christadelphian Advocate.  With this publication, there has always been a focus on the readership of a younger audience and also on their involvement with submitting articles.  Beginning with the May ’07 issue, there will be a revised focus on these efforts, so the interest, ideas, and input of all of you will be welcomed and needed.


What we hope to generate is a community of young believers who communicate about the issues affecting their daily lives, who share their love of God’s word, and who share the studies and topics that interest them.  We hope to get participation from CYCs across North America, from those in isolation, and from anyone that wishes to contribute.


For now, the publication will continue to be put out quarterly.  This is a dedicated website where some articles will also be posted.  In addition, the website will be used for “open submission” of articles by anyone who wishes to do so at any time.


The first issue under the revised format was made available at the Fingerlakes Young People’s Gathering- May 11-13, 2007.  The issue was also made available for young people at various Bibleschools throughout the past summer.  Each issue will contain a theme with different articles for all interests, such as 1st Principles, Character Studies, Walk, and Current Events.  There will also be other sections of interest such as Q and A, Book Report, The Challenge, and Remember Thy Creator.


Please see any member of the Fingerlakes Ecclesia for additional information or if you have any ideas that may help promote this effort.  We look forward to your interest and participation to strengthen that which remains in these last days.

In the One Hope,

KTF Committee- Fingerlakes Ecclesia