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You are my witnesses is the utterance of Jehovah - Isaiah 43:10

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This page is dedicated to the encouragement of my brothers and sisters and hopefully to help others by encouraging Bible reading.

  • The links to the left, called JW Links, will take you to places that will not only teach you what the Bible says, but what is happening worldwide with Jehovah's Witnesses. My JW Links are fixed temporarily.  They are in a different location for now until Comcast fixes my other pages.
  • The Personal Links are links that are just from me.  There are family picture shows in the Photoshows and Poetry that my daughter and myself have written,  and My Toolbar that I encourage all to download.  It will help you to get to these places quickly from any website.  Also, there are many other cool options that are with it, like pop up blocker, email notifier, weather, and buttons that you can add for instant access to MS Word, Excel, Outlook, Messenger etc.
  • The links to the right are pages on this web site that will take you to pictures from our KH, CA's and DC's. These will be updated after next weekend when we go to our District Convention in Portland, Oregon.  The other links are groups that I am in that I encourage any JW's to join.  It is very encouraging to speak with our brothers and sisters from around the world.  Use your own discretion as you know better than anyone else how much time you have.  These groups are not to replace our association at the Kingdom Hall.  Also, they can be time consuming if you let it...don't let it be. Don't join if you don't have the time to spare.
  • I am more than happy to answer any questions that you might have. You can email me at keeper 'dot' of 'dot' hope 'at' gmail 'dot' com.  You will have to change the 'dots' to periods and the 'at' to @. I typed it this way to hopefully stop spammers somewhat.

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