Dynasty League Rules

League Established: 2009


Section 1 – League Configuration

Section 2 – Minor League System

2.1 – Minor League Draft

2.2 – Minor League Eligibility

Section 3 – Trades

3.1 – Trade Assets

3.2 – Trade Vetoes

3.3 – Laddering

Section 4 – Waiver Draft

Section 5 – Long Term Disabled List

Section 6 – Streaming

6.1 – Streaming Definition

6.2 – Limits

6.3 – Penalties

6.4 – Special Playoff Rule

Section 7 – Expectation of League Members

7.1 – Participation

7.2 – Fair Play & Sportsmanship

7.2.1 – Roster Management

7.2.2 – Personal Conduct

7.2.3 - Message Board conduct

Section 8 – Commissioner’s Duties


Section 1 – League Configuration


Keeper Deadline Date1:

Will be announced by commissioner

Max Teams:


Scoring Type:


Player Universe:

All baseball

New Players Become Available2:

As soon as Yahoo! adds them

Max Acquisitions for Entire Season3:

No maximum

Max Trades for Entire Season4

No maximum

Trade Reject Time5:


Trade End Date:

July 31st, or earliest configurable date in league settings, through to February of following season

Allow Draft Pick Trades:


Waiver Time:

2 days

Waiver Type6:

Continual rolling list

Can't Cut List Provider:

Yahoo! Sports

Trade Review7:


Post Draft Players:

Follow Waiver Rules

Max Acquisitions per Week3:

No maximum

Min Innings Pitched:


Weekly Deadline:

Daily - Tomorrow


Week 23, 24 and 25 (6 teams)

Playoff Reseeding:


Lock Eliminated Teams:



Yes (2 divisions)

Playoff Seeding Options:

Division winners awarded top playoff seeds

Roster Positions (25 + 3 DL)8:

C, 1B, 2B, 3B, SS, OF, OF, OF, Util, SP, SP, RP, RP, P, P, P, BN, BN, BN, BN, BN, BN, BN, BN, BN, DL, DL, LTDL

Batters Stat Categories:

Runs (R), Home Runs (HR), Runs Batted In (RBI), Stolen Bases (SB), Batting Average (AVG)

Pitchers Stat Categories:

Quality Starts (QS), Saves + Holds(SV+H), Strikeouts (K), Earned Run Average (ERA), (Walks + Hits)/ Innings Pitched (WHIP)


Notes (denoted in superscript above):

1) Waiver Draft will begin in March

2) New players might be protected in a team’s minor league system

3) Subject to Section 6 Streaming rules

4) Subject to Section 3.3 Ladd8ering rules

5) Is equal to two full 24-hour days, per Yahoo. If a trade is accepted on Day 1, Day 2-3 are trade reject days, and trade is processed on Day 4, taking effect for Day 5-onwards.

6) Waiver order continues to the following season

7) See Section 3.2 - Trade Vetoes section

8) Long-term disabled list player must be designated. See Section 5 - Long-Term Disable List section.

Section 2 – Minor League System


The only way to populate the minor league system is through the minor league (amateur) draft. Team’s may trade/acquire players already in the league’s minor leagues, but cannot send additional players down


2.1 – Minor League Draft (SummerDraft)

·         Only amateurs selected in the MLB Draft in June of same year are eligible to be drafted

·         2-round serpentine draft (each team will pick twice, 24 picks total for the league)

·         3rd round of minor league draft:

o    Waiver priority rules will apply to third round (see waiver draft section for more details)

·         Will take place shortly after signing deadline for amateurs (typically August 15th)

·         Draft picks are not tradable

·         Order will be reverse standings after week 11 of same season

·         Time limit/draft details will be announced prior to draft

o    Picks starting between 8pm - 3am = 12 hour time limit

o    Picks starting between 3am - 8pm = 6 hour time limit


2.2 – Minor League Eligibility

·         Players are eligible if they have never been added to the Yahoo database, or are within the games allowance:

o    Hitters: 50 games played

o    Pitchers: 50 innings pitched

·         The manager holding player’s rights must announce call up before player goes beyond the allowances above

o    Waiver rules will apply on players the moment the subsequent MLB game begins, and where there is a reasonable chance the player can/will play

o    As per Yahoo’s waiver rules, team holding original rights are ineligible to make a claim

·         Player must be under 27 years of age

Section 3 – Trades

All accepted trades must be accompanied by a league message board post outlining the full trade along with commentary from both trade participants. Commentary may include but not limited to analysis on the trade, predictions, strategies, future plans, etc. This is done to encourage league participation and discussion, and to curb any occurrences of disagreements regarding the trades by fostering a meaningful discussion.+

3.1 – Trade Acceptance & Posting

·         Post a thread, with the title formatted as follows: “[Team A] & [Team B] Trade – Date” (e.g. Westcoast Express & Some Great Team Trade - Sep 7, 2017"

·         List complete trade within the post, along with a narrative on the trade

·         Purpose is to provide fun commentary, prediction, analysis, strategies, future plans, etc., similar to a sports site analysis with comments. This is done to encourage league participation and discussion, and to curb any occurrences of disagreements regarding trades

·         Both managers are required to post before midnight pacific on the day the trade is accepted

3.2 – Trade Assets

·         Players on roster

·         Waiver priority

·         Minor league prospects


3.3 – Trade Vetoes

·         All trade objects/vetoes must be posted on league message boards with supportive reasoning

o    Reasoning will be rejected if it is deemed the manager is vetoing because:

§  Trade is detrimental to a particular team’s position in the standings

§  Personal feelings towards either managers

§  Preferential or biased treatment based on a team’s position in the standings (i.e. allowing lopsided trades to pass because the advantageous team is near the bottom of the standings, or vetoing a trade to prevent a strong team from getting better)

·         Managers have the right to a veto vote to prevent trades that meet the following criteria:

o    Detrimental to the league by being grossly lopsided

o    Not done with the best intent to be competitive

o    One of the managers involved in the deal do not show the willingness to improve their team through FA pickups as a primary resort

o    The trade violates fairplay

·         Commissioner holds the right to review/veto any trade involving players recently picked up from FA/waivers, and dealt for significant assets (see 3.3.1 – Recent Free Agent Pick-ups)

·         Accepted trades (either through league or on IM chat) cannot be cancelled unless both participants agree

·         Five votes of either pass/veto will decide outcome of the trade. Trades with at least 3 veto votes are subject to commissioner review and discretion

3.3.1 – Recent Free Agent Pick-ups

·         Recent Free Agent Pick-ups are defined as any player picked up within the past 5 weeks (or, haven't played 30 MLB games since being picked up, whichever is greater), and are considered Invalid Players for Trades

·         Trades involving invalid players will automatically be vetoed, but reasoning can be provided to commissioner BEFORE the trade is accepted. Commissioner reserves the right to allow such trades at their discretion, which may revolve around the player having significantly increased in value (role changes, call ups, etc.), or player is an insignificant part of the overall trade

3.3.2 – New Managers

·         New managers will be given 2 weeks from joining the league to discuss potential trades with all league members, and therefore, will be locked from trades during this period

·         Any new managers coming in with the intent to tear down a team immediately (i.e. “rebuilding”) will have their trades subject to review by the commissioner, pending a one-on-one discussion. Trade may be reversed within one month of acceptance, should the manager not remain in the league

3.4 – Laddering


·         Takes place when a particular team keeps “flipping” a certain asset over and over again to gain an unfair advantage in a short period of time

o    Assuming players were rated out of 100, team A trades a player (67) for a (70) rated player, then trades him for a (75) rated player, then (80), then (83), etc… Team A essentially has traded a (67) rated player for an (83) rated player in a short period of time to gain an unfair advantage

·         Each individual trade within the sequence could easily be justified to pass, but in the general sense, any team which turns a low-valued asset into a very high rated asset without giving up much else consideration is hurting the leagues competitive balance. This exploitation is prohibited.

·         Laddering is not designed to prevent teams from acquiring Player A and dealing him later in the year. Laddering prevents trade value exploitation within a short period of time

Section 4 – Waiver Draft


The draft will be conducted on the message boards. This draft will be the first opportunity for teams to add players to their rosters before the season begins. To understand how this draft will work, assume that every un-owned player is on “waivers”:

·         Draft Order will be assigned based on waiver priority, with highest priority picking first

o    No pre-assigned draft slots based on standings

·         The team with the highest priority will either make a claim (selection) or pass (waiver rules apply – i.e. a successful add would reset the team’s waiver priority)

o    A successful claim will result in the team adding the claimed player to their active roster

o    If a team is already at their roster limit, they will have to drop someone to accommodate the add

o    Players which are dropped by a team are eligible for pickup by any subsequent drafting team

·         Once a team passes, they will be excluded from the remainder of the draft. The draft will continue until every team has passed

·         Free agent additions will be prohibited until 12:00am midnight pacific on the day of the first full regular season game schedule (to be set by Commissioner)

o    Teams are not required to fill up their rosters before the season begins. They can add the rest of the players through free agency once the season begins

Section 5 – Long Term Disabled List


·         Allows teams to place injured players on the “LTDL”, where the player will be allowed to be dropped to the FA, while his rights will remain with the owner

·         Eligibility:

o    Injured player must be ruled to miss at least 4 weeks due to injury

o    Player must have been on the active roster going into the season (no players acquired through free agency, the draft, or trades)

o    Designation may only be used once per season, between opening day and the trade deadline

·         Once a player is designated, teams will be prohibited to re-activate or trade the player until the conclusion of the season

·         Player must be activated at season’s end, or he will be lost to free agency

·         Other teams are prohibited from picking up players on the LTDL

Section 6 – Streaming

6.1 – Streaming Definition


Streaming is defined as adding and dropping starting pitchers daily to max out the # of starts made during a week. All fantasy leagues with competitive managers will have streaming to some extent. The purpose of the following is to prevent EXTREME cases of streaming (note: “week” refers to the playing week, as defined by Yahoo. This rule is not altered for short or extended weeks unless communicated by commissioner beforehand)


6.2 – Limits

·         Innings Pitched Cap

o    110-IP soft cap for all teams per week (soft-cap will allow teams with large pitching rosters to exceed cap without penalty).

o    Teams using spot-starts for any reason will be working with a 110 MAX IP cap

·         Maximum of 3 spot-starts per week

o    “Spot-starts” are pitchers picked up and starts within 2 days, and is dropped within 2 days OR

o    Pitchers picked up who start within 2 days and/or makes 2 starts for the manager, and dropped within 8 days of being picked up (“8 Day Rule”)

6.3 – Penalties

·         Varies depending on severity/impact of violations

·         Violations occurring in the first 11 weeks, or in the first of two seasonal matchups could penalize the team when they play the same team again later in the year, with IP’s being hard-capped at a lower number (such as 40)

·         Teams could lose their waiver priority either outright, or transferred to the opposition team during the particular week, or be locked from league actions
·         SummerDraft draft picks may be subject to penalties in cases where the streaming violation significantly affects the matchup or standings

·         Violations occurring in the playoffs may result in loss of roster spots, minor league players, or even high-ranked players, or have their playoff win reversed, in addition to the above penalties


6.4 – Special Playoff Rule

·          All pitchers will be deemed (considered) to have been dropped on the last Sunday of a playoff game. Any pitchers picked after Thursday will be considered to be a “spot-start” for that week if the pitcher is started, and teams going over 3 spot-starts in a playoff game will be subject to harsher penalties

·         This is done to prevent exploitation of rules in playoff settings

·         Teams must carry a minimum of 9 non-DL hitters at all times

·         Championship game rules will contain same rules above with the following notes ONLY if the game lasts 2 weeks (or over 11 days):

o    220-IP soft-cap, will become a maximum cap should a team use a spot-start for any reason

o    Teams may use 6 spot-starts, but a maximum of only 3 per week will be permitted

o    Teams going over 3 spot-starts in the first week will be prohibited from spot-starting the following week and may face other penalties

Section 7 – Expectation of League Members

7.1 – Participation

  • League members are expected to have their rosters updated for each playing day and have their teams in the best possible position to win (ex. Making sure DL-eligible players are on the DL and replacements are picked up)
  • Managers should make the effort to be accessible to the rest of the league for communications through email, chat and/or message board discussions
  • Members are expected to participate in all league polls, trade votes, and discussions, if necessary
  • Any team inactive for 5 or more consecutive days (without reason) will automatically be penalized their waiver priority, or be removed from the league
  • Teams may be subject to the above penalties in cases where their participation is inconsistent with league guidelines and expectations
  • Any managers removed from the league will not have their teams penalties reversed, except at the discretion of the commissioner
  • Managers should take the opportunity to rate their competitors in Yahoo’s new “manager rating” feature. Generally, a negative feedback should only be handed out if you feel the manager was a major detriment to the league either through behavior, activity level, or constantly bad roster decisions

7.2 – Fair Play & Sportsmanship

7.2.1 – Roster Management

·         All league-related transactions will be executed with the intent of improving the owner’s team and/or its standing within the league

·         No owner may drop or dump players from their team for any reason other than improving their own team and/or its standing within the league.

·         No owner will engage in any action that may be deemed collusive (two or more owners agreeing to make moves that benefit one team, but not the other, convincing an owner to vote the same as you, etc.).

·         No owner will take any action whose purpose is to, in any way, interfere with fair play in the league.

7.2.2 – Personal Conduct

·         Although trades which are agreed upon but not accepted are not official, owners may not try to talk another manager out of an agreed upon trade, unless the parties in agreement decide to “shop around”

·         Owners may not harass or threaten other owners in any way, over AIM, through league message boards, emails, or any other means of communication

·         Owners may NOT try to convince an owner of changing his voting stance on a trade to comply with his own vote

·         All owners must treat each other with respect. Name-calling, constant harassment, constantly bugging someone over a communication device when asked to stop are all behaviors which can and will result in disciplinary action

·         Unsportsmanlike conduct on league boards or anywhere else will NOT be tolerated

·         All league members have an equal say in league matters. No single manager may act as a “dominant figure” through underhanded tactics (intimidation, harassment, etc.)

·         League members will do their best to maintain a fun and competitive league by participating actively within the league, including voting, stating opinions, and voicing any concerns they may have

·         Agree to follow the rules set out in this document and by Yahoo

·         Will respect each other, and respect any decisions handed down by the commissioner

·         Will accept differing opinions and stances on several issues, and will put personal differences aside and do what is best for the league


7.2.3 - Message Board conduct

·         Show respect to others by not bragging constantly to put another manager or the league down

·         Not engage in a manner deemed inappropriate by others

·         Not posting classified information (i.e. trade proposals or other plans) for the purpose of ridiculing other managers

·         Posts will only be about baseball, league related issues/complaints, group discussions, trash talking kept reasonably to baseball, requests for communication with others, anything else that is reasonably expected within the league

·         Posts will not be for immature actions, spam, or flaming

·         Any arguments/debates on the boards should be kept to a reasonable level

·         Questions and disagreements in regards to league decisions should be brought up with the commissioner first, to avoid league-wide chaos and distraction 

Section 8 – Commissioner’s Duties

·         Will not participate in league-wide trade votes unless there are controversies, or where involvement is necessary

·         Will do the best to maintain a fun and competitive league by letting the actual league govern itself through active members

·         Will try to do his best to make sure rosters and teams are kept updated

·         Has the right to review, allow, or veto any trade with proper reasoning

·         Has authority to review/overrule any league issues, given proper explanation

·         Any issues arising against the commissioner will be dealt with by the league as a whole. Each manager will have an equal say

·         Will enforce the rules set forth within this document and Yahoo’s terms of service on a consistent basis

·         All rules and notes in this document are subject to the interpretation of the commissioner, on a consistent and fair basis.

Your continued membership in this league means you agree to follow the rules and regulations set forth here and by Yahoo's terms of services