UPDATE: This version of Keep-Alive extension is no longer being updated and does not work with SQL Developer 4.0 and above. Another user scristalli has ported it to work with 4.0. Please head over to https://bitbucket.org/scristalli/sql-developer-4-keepalive to get his version. Thanks to scristalli for continuing the work for the community.

Hi folks, if you use SQL Developer for your database tasks, you have probably experienced the annoying connection management issue where after the connection times out, the connection menu hangs when you try to disconnect or reconnect to the database. After scouring the web and forums for days, it seemed like no one had a solid solution. Therefore, I took some time to look into SQL Developer's connection mechanism and created the Keep-Alive extension. 

Below are the screenshots of what the extension would look like after being loaded into your SQL Developer instance.

The Loaded Menu

Once Activated

Interval Configuration


- Each connection could have its own keep alive interval.
- Keep alive intervals are saved and retained.
- On keep alive activation, interval is displayed on the message box.

oracle.sqldeveloper.keepalive.jar (6KB) /v1.1 (October 7, 2010)

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Put the file in ..\sqldeveloper-x.x.x.x.x\sqldeveloper\sqldeveloper\extensions folder and restart SQL Developer.

Copyright (c) 2010 MinChen Chai. SQL Developer is a product of Oracle Corporation.
Drop me an e-mail for bugs/comments/requests at sqldevext@gmail.com.