Guest fees for 2016

Guest fees for 2016 are $8.00 per guest per day

Please refer to the following rules and regulations regarding guests at the club.
  1. Members are responsible for registering their guests when they enter club grounds.
  2. All guests using the tennis courts, the swimming pool, clubhouse facilities must be registered each day in the guest book.
  3. Members will be charged a daily guest fee of $8.00 for each guest using the KVCC facilities.
  4. The guest book is located on the podium by court # 1 and at the pool.
  5. Please introduce your guests to the Club Manager and to the Life Guard.
  6. Guest fees are determined each year and are announced in the spring newsletter.
  7. Guest fees are billed on an annual basis each Fall by mail.
  8. Social guests and guests watching activities, but not participating, do not need to be registered.
  9. Children under 3 years old are free.
  10. House Guests may visit 14 times during the summer season.
  11. Non-House Guests may visit the club once a week.