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Field Trips are scheduled for 2010!

posted Apr 29, 2010, 3:45 PM by Keene Mineral Club   [ updated Apr 29, 2010, 3:46 PM ]
All paying members should have received the club field trip list for this year by now.
If you have not received your copy and are a paying member, please contact the treasurer or the editor.
If you are interested in becoming a member to participate in these field trips, please contact us.

Field Trips scheduled for this year:
Beryl Hill, Royalston, MA
Minerals found: Aquamarine, beryl, pegmatite minerals
Hickory Hill, Fonda, NY
Minerals found:Herkimer diamonds (quartz)
Gilsum, NH
Minerals found: Golden beryl, schorl tourmaline, pegmatite minerals
Deer Hill, Stow, ME
Minerals found: Smoky quartz, pegmatite minerals
Globe Mine, Springfield, NH 
Minerals found:  Beryl, quartz, muscovite, schorl, pegmatite minerals
Richards Gold Mine, Chester, VT 
Minerals found: Gold!                    
McGinnis Mine, Wentworth, NH 
Minerals found: Beryl, smoky quartz, pegmatite minerals               
West Osippee, NH 
Minerals found: Smoky quartz, pegmatite minerals
North Moat Mountain, Conway, NH
Minerals found:  Epidote, hornblend, pyrite, etc.
Mass. Talc Quarry, Rowe, MA 
Minerals found:  Talc, actinolite
Timm’s Hill. Haddam, CT 
Minerals found: Dravite tourmaline