Welcome we have 20 years experience building and repairing cylinder heads.We are based in Alton Hampshire and have an excellent reputation for Quality and Service.

New Cylinder Heads

All new AMC Cylinder heads
come in two dress codes bare or complete with valves and springs.
There is no exchange or deposit on a new head,
AMC are Spanish automotive parts producer. They are internationally recognized for their quality and assurance of optimum reliability.AMC backs this with 12or 24 months parts and labour warranty on head only. The AMC range are available and extends to 500 different head applications. Cylinder heads can be dispatched on an overnight delivery.
We Can also guide you on head gaskets and kits etc.
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Land Rover / 300tdi / TD5

Remanufactured Cylinder Heads

All remanufactured heads are exchange only.
All of the products we supply are built to the highest standards and all remanufactured products come with a 12 month unlimited mileage warranty,given the high quality inspection they go through. Cylinder heads are built to the BS AU257:2002 Code of Practice.
Cylinder heads get thoroughly cleaned using an ultra high-pressure and environmentally friendly wash system then blasted by a special process  to remove all carbon deposits. The heads are checked for distortion and thickness and either restored to their original specification or scrapped, then inspected for cracks and the camshaft bores measured for size, ovality, taper and alignment. The valves are examined for damage, head thickness, and stem wear, then machined or replaced as necessary; valve guides are measured for wear and either re-sized or renewed to original tolerances; valve seats are machined to retain the correct angles, widths, heights and seating concentric to the centre line of the valve guide bore; and valve springs are tested for squareness, free height and compressed load length. When each head is machined, particular attention is paid to maintaining the correct surface finish specified by the gasket manufacturer.

Where applicable, camshafts are either replaced with a new unit, or re-profiled to their original valve timing and lift specifications.

Depending on application, the remanufactured cylinder heads are supplied either with valves and springs only or complete with camshafts. All of the cylinder heads come with fitting instructions.

Specials offers.

TD 5
LDF500160 - LDF500170
New Bare £999.00
+ Vat
New Complete with new valves & springs assembled £1199.00 + Vat
Head Set, Head Gasket and Bolts £140.00 + Vat

300 TDI /
New head.
Bare £365.00 +Vat
New Complete with new valves & springs assembled
£465.00 + Vat

       Next Day Delivery
      charged at cost + Vat