Cart Locations

Cart Orange is for 6th Grade ONLY. [Berardi/141]
Cart Blue is for 7th Grade ONLY. [Gervasi/173]
Cart Purple is for 8th Grade ONLY. [Crowley/117]
Cart Grey is for High School ONLY. [Morey/106]
Cart Yellow is for the basement. [Reyes/B7]
Cart Lime is for the second floor. [Archie/219]
Cart Green is for the high school. [Daniel/116]
Cart Red is for the middle school. [Daniel/116]

How do I Reserve a Cart?

1. To reserve a cart, make an entry (appointment) on the KECSS Laptop Google Calendar.

On the calendar, enter your name, room number, cart color and what periods you will need t
he cart.

Make sure that you are entering the event in the "KECSS Laptops" calendar and not your own!

To help us keep the calendar organized, please color code the event as well.

3A. For the Red and Green Carts, ask Karen for the cart keys and padlock key to the computer storage room (Tech Closet). Please pick up and drop off your cart in the computer storage room (116) and plug it in.
3B. For the BluePurple, Orange, Yellow, Lime or Grey Carts, ask the point person for the keys. Please pick up and drop off your cart in their respective rooms and plug it in.
When dropping the cart off, the red switches on the back of the cart should be set to On ("|").

Students are not permitted to retrieve and return carts. This may only be done by teachers/staff.

4. Record each student and their assigned laptop number on the Sign Out Sheets.  
Sheets will be provided in each cart. Please keep completed "Laptop Sign Out Sheet" in the cart after use.
These sheets will be checked weekly.

The calendar below is for reference only. Use the above link to reserve a cart.
Thank you for your cooperation!

KECSS Laptops (for reference only)