Technology Checkout

How do I Reserve a Cart
  1. Look at the spreadsheet below to check on cart availability.
  2. To reserve a cart, open the spreadsheet, select the desired week and place your name on the days you need to reserve the cart.
  3. Computers will be checked out on a daily basis, if a period longer than 2 days is necessary, please submit comments about what the cart is being used for.
  4. You should pick up the cart and key from the primary teacher holding the cart at the end of the day before you need it.  

Cart Rules

  1. Students are not permitted to retrieve and return carts. This may only be done by teachers/staff.
  2. Have a system to record student usage of laptops in order to increase accountability.
  3. Mark any broken computers with a post-it note and indicate the issue.
  4. Drop off broken computers to room 116 (The tech closet).

Cart Forms
1) Laptop Sign Out Sheets - TBA