KECSS Electronics Policy

Effective March 2, 2015

A memorandum from the Office of Mayor dated January 7, 2015 regarding the lift of the cell phone ban states the following:

“…It allows for each school’s principal to consult with School Leadership Teams in developing a cell phone policy tailored for the unique needs of their students. The new changes would remove cell phones and electronic communication devices from the list of banned items in schools, and create a new regulation, A-413, that specifically governs their use in school. Under the new regulation, principals will consult with School Leadership Teams in deciding among a range of options for their schools, depending on what they feel best meets the needs of their students, families and educators.”

The following KECSS Electronics Policy went into effect March 2, 2015, and refers to all electronic devices, including but not limited to cell phones, MP3 players, headphones, tablets, etc.

When and where are students allowed to use their electronic devices in school?

Electronic devices may not be used anywhere in the building, including in the hallway, bathroom, cafeteria, classrooms, etc. Students may not use their electronic devices during school hours or during their after-school activities, including college courses, NIA, extra-curricular clubs, etc.

What happens if a student’s electronic device is visible to a staff member in the school?

A student’s electronic device cannot be visible during the school day. This includes headphones. If a staff member sees an electronic device, he or she will contact a dean, security or a member of administration to come and confiscate the electronic device from the student.

What happens if a student’s electronic device is confiscated?

If a student’s electronic device is confiscated, a parent or guardian must come to pick it up on Thursdays from 2:50PM – 4:00PM. If a student’s device is confiscated on a Thursday, it cannot be picked up until the following Thursday.

Is there a confiscation limit?

If a student’s electronic device is confiscated three times, they will no longer be permitted to bring any electronic devices into the school building.

What happens if a student’s electronic device is lost, stolen, or damaged?

KECSS is not liable for any loss, theft, or damage to any electronic devices.

If you want a printable version of the KECSS Electronics Policy, you may click here (PDF).