About Usدەربارەی ئێمە

Kurdish Exile Centre (KEC) 


Since Plymouth became a dispersal area in 2000 there has always been an informal group of Kurdish people coming together to assist each other with their problems.  We formally established the Kurdish Exile Centre (KEC) in 2006 to help, support and address the issues of the asylum seekers, refugees and predominately Kurdish people.

KEC is a Non Government Non Profit Organisation concentrates on preserving the Kurdish culture, identity and promotes equality, human rights and community cohesion.

Kurdish Exile Centre offers advice & information on such matters as: Cultural events, recreation activities, translation, Interpreting, advocacy, heritage, employment advice & help, asylum & immigration issues and signposting.

Kurdish Exile Centre aims to empower the community, as members of the KEC are aware of the problems faced by immigrants in the new country. The KEC endeavours to emphasise the need for harmonious interaction between the Kurdish people and the local population.  

we work closely with the following organisations in order to improve the community safety and build a good relationship within the community and offer a better opportunity for the communities & individuals: Mosaic (Campaign for National Parks), Plymouth Centre for Faith and Cultural Diverstiy, Red Cross, Blue Sound, About Time, Welcome Hall, Barbican Theatre, CoastNet, Local Authority, GOSW, Devon & Cornwal Constabulary.  

KEC will provide translation and interpreters for Kurdish, Arabic,Farsi, Polish and Russian languages. We also provide advice and liase within the wider community. 

We will coninue to find and refine our processes to help our members to feel and show trust for each other, scrupulously ensuring that we exercise our confidentiality, listen and respect each other in order to work together. 
We work as hard as is necessary to maintain and develop the honesty, openness, transparency, and integrity of our organisation where racism, sexism or other discrimination of any kind is always challenged as constructively as possible.

Dear Friends


This is for you to read and share if you are concerned about your communities and want to improve community standards, if you care about refugees BME people, people seeking asylum and/or if you want to become involved in running our organisation and developing your own ideas within our organisation. 


KEC has volunteers who can provide you with information and contacts if  your house is not up to a minimum standard as per the contracts provided by NASS  or through the council, if you cannot find a GP, or a school for your child or simply you are new in this country or this area and do not know the communities around you, are not familiar with the transport system, feel isolated and would like to meet some new people and even make new friends. 

We are your friends.  Come and share your problems with us.  We are not legally licensed people who can directly advise you about your specific asylum claims but we know where to go to get help and we would be happy to help you to help yourself.  Britain has many ‘hosts’ who will help you and guide you as you work, with others, to communicate, to solve your problems and to help each other.