FHS 2: The Gospels and Jesus

Course Description. Past exam papers are available on Weblearn.

General reading suggestions and suggested Commentaries on Matthew and John

Tutorial Topics 

Introductory Essay

    1. What were the "aims" of Jesus?

Matthew - Choose at least TWO questions.

  1. Why, how and for whom was Matthew’s Gospel written? Include in your answer a brief account of the “Synoptic Problem”
  2. Is Matthew’s Christ a new David, Moses, Elijah or something greater altogether?
  3. What is the "Kingdom of Heaven"?

John  - Choose at least TWO questions

  1. Why, how and for whom was John’s Gospel written?
  2. In what sense, if any, is John's Jesus God?
  3. Does John’s Jesus reject Judaism?
  4. Why does John's Jesus die?

Gobbets from Matthew & John - ONE gobbets session is planned

Passages to be agreed from past exam papers. Click here for a list of recommended commentaries and here for a guide to gobbets.