An Overview of the Bengal Tiger


The Bengal tiger is a subspecies of Tiger found in South Asia.  The male tiger can reach about 10 ft. in length weighing approximately 500 lbs.

Their roar can be heard two miles away and they eat about 65 pounds of meat a night.

The Tigers are threatened by loss of habitat and poaching.

 It has been estimated there are about 3,600 bengal tigers left in India.  Despite the loss of habitat tigers can be observed in India's wildlife parks’s wildlife parks. 


Poaching has been spurred by traditional Asian medicines calling upon tiger parts.  In 1998 the United States Congress passed laws making it making it illegal to trade in products claiming to contain any substances from tigers. Today’s poaching is the most recent form of human abuse against the tiger.  The British Raj had a rich and colorful history of tiger hunts.  For example, Colonel Julius Barros recalls his many servants and adventures in India and Tiger-Hunting (1885).


Finally, man eating tigers have always fascinated us as noted in the IMAX presentation India – Kingdom of the Tiger.