Waianae Direct Rail Link: The Next Step Forward for Honolulu

The Waianae-Waipahu Direct Rail Link, or "Waianae Direct Line", is a proposed 11 mile automated rail transit line connecting
Today's bus service is actually far slower than the steam-powered trains on the former O'ahu Railway.
 the existing Waianae Transit Center to the HART (Honolulu Authority for Rapid Transportation) automated rail line by the shortest practical route. Trains running about every 3 to 6 minutes all day and into the evening will use rack-adhesion technology to climb steep grades up the Waianae mountains, and thus minimize the cost of tunneling and grading. By cutting a half an hour or more from the current transit travel time between Waianae and Waipahu, Downtown Honolulu, and Waikiki, the Waianae Direct line will give local residents unprecedented opportunity to work outside the economically-depressed Leeward Coast while still living with their families. Moreover, by removing more than 10,000 cars a day from Farrington Highway, construction of the Waianae Direct line will have more impact on Farrington Highway than widening the road to three lanes in each direction, or building a two lane "Second Access" road over the Waianae Range, with far less negative impact on local residents and the sensitive environment of the Waianae shore and mountains. For many reasons, construction of the Waianae Direct line is the necessary next step forward for our island home. 

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