Ke (Adam) Zhou, Assistant Professor

Ke (Adam) Zhou

Assistant Professor at University of Nottingham

Contact Address:

Computer Science building, Wollaton Rd,

Nottingham, UK. NG8 1BB

Email: ke DOT zhou AT nottingham DOT ac DOT uk

Ke (Adam) Zhou


Ke (Adam) Zhou is an assistant professor in School of Computer Science, University of Nottingham, and an academic consultant for Yahoo! Research. His research interests and expertise lie in web search and analytics, user engagement modeling, evaluation metrics, text mining and human computer interaction. He has published in reputable conferences and journals (SIGIR, WWW, CIKM, TOIS, PLOS ONE), and served as PC member or reviewer for SIGIR, CIKM, WSDM, ECIR, AIRS, TOIS, IP&M and TKDE. He has also won the best paper award in ECIR'15 and CHIIR'16, and best paper honorable mention in SIGIR'15.

He served as a co-organizer for NTCIR-11/12 IMine task, TREC FedWeb 2014 task, Heterogeneous Information Access (HIA) workshop at WSDM'15 & SIGIR'16, and Poster & Demo Chair at AIRS'16. His current research interests focuses on information retrieval, i.e. how to form search result pages that best help users in satisfying their information needs.

Prior to joining Nottingham, he was a research scientist working in user engagement/ad quality science team in Yahoo Research. Before joining Yahoo, he was previously a research associate in Language Technology Group in University of Edinburgh, working on text mining and information retrieval from 2013. Prior to this, he has conducted his PhD research on aggregated search at the Information Retrieval Group in University of Glasgow.

Recruitment I'm always interested in recruiting passionate PhD candidates who want to explore Information Retrieval, Text/Data Mining and Machine Learning. Please contact me if you are interested in working with me!

News I'm serving as a Senior PC member at WSDM 2017 and ECIR 2017, and a PC member at WWW 2017 and SIGIR 2017.

News I'm serving as a Poster & Demo chair at AIRS 2016, welcome to submit your papers!

News I'm organizing the Second Workshop of Heterogeneous Information Access in SIGIR 2016, welcome to submit your paper!

News Our paper on "Playing Your Cards Right: The Effect of Entity Cards on Search Behaviour and Workload" has won the best paper award in CHIIR 2016!

News I am co-organizing NTCIR-12 IMine Task (Search Intent Mining Task), welcome to participate!



    • Y. Chen, K. Zhou, Y. Liu, M. Zhang, S. Ma. Meta-evaluation of Online and Offline Web Search Evaluation Metrics., to appear in 39th ACM SIGIR International Conference on Research and Development in Information Retrieval (SIGIR 2017), Tokyo, Japan 2017. Full Paper
    • Y. Liu, Y. Liu, K. Zhou, M. Zhang, S. Ma. Detecting Collusive Spamming Activities in Community Question Answering, to appear in the 26th International World Wide Web Conference (WWW 2017), Perth, Australia, 2017. Full Paper
    • C. Luo, Y. Liu, T. Sakai, K. Zhou, F. Zhang, X. Li and S. Ma. Does Document Relevance Affect the Searcher’s Perception of Time?, to appear in the 10th ACM International Conference on Web Search and Data Mining (WSDM 2017), Cambridge, UK, 2017. Full Paper






Before 2012

    • K. Zhou, R. Cummins, M. Lalmas and J. M. Jose. Evaluating Large-Scale Distributed Vertical Search, CIKM Workshop on Large-Scale and Distributed Information Retrieval (LSDS-IR 2011), Glasgow, Scotland, UK, 2011. Full Paper
    • K. Zhou, M. Lalmas and R. Cummins. Building a Test Collection for Aggregated Search, Technical Report, University of Glasgow, October 2010. Technical Report
    • T. Xiao, T. Li, G. Song, K. Zhou, J. Zhu and H. Wang. KNN and Re‐ranking Models for English Patent Mining at NTCIR‐7, Proceedings of NTCIR‐7 Workshop Meeting, Tokyo, Japan, 2008. Full Paper