My name is Jason and I've held a General class License since January 30, 2010 (1st licensed on April 16, 2008). If you've checked out my QRZ.com profile (here) you'll already know some about me, this site is meant to supplement that profile and will also supplant the QRZ.com profile for those who don't check that database.

I'm going to try to keep this site updated and make it full of info! Please check back often and tell your friends about (especially we've worked or if you know someone wanting to work me! [near the bottom of the far right column is a list of frequencies i frequent :P])

My Station Info:

I run a Kenwood ts-2000 w/ no more then 100 watts and a w5gi 'mystery antenna' about 30' up. [my main antenna]

I also have:

s9 Vertical for 80-6m,

a home brew fan dipole [80-10]

2 home brew dual band delta loop for 10/6m[up about 15']) 

home brew converted vhf tv antenna [for 10-2]

I'm fairly active on 2 meters (mainly FM but occasional ssb) and the lower part of 10 meters (i monitor 28.410 a LOT) I've also like playing on 6 meters (monitor on 50.140)! (I also use echolink in spurts, mainly trying to contact overseas though).

I almost always have company over when I play on the radio (and my radio is usually on) and most of my friends love being allowed to join in my qso's, many are starting to show in interest in the hobby and some are already studying for their tests Tongue out

I'm always looking for new qso's from all over...I make my own qso cards and if I get one from you I'll for sure make one to send you (as quick as I can, I also have a nerve disease so sometimes I can't really do much, but I promise i WILL send one! [btw: the nerve disease is rsd, see my site for more info: www.usarsd.org ])

I listen almost all day and love to talk...so give me a holler and chances are I'll come back...i.also just recently started a 10m net on 28.410 (Sunday nights at 8:45 PST..(i love nets almost as much as I do ragchewing!)

hope to hear from some of you on the air....happy qso'ing!

vaya con Dios! [Go with God!]









 About Me:

As I said above, my name is Jason. I was born in 1981 (last century, WOW lol) and disabled by a nerve disease (see my website on the sidebar menu) that I've had since September of 2005. Having the nerve disease has made it to where I can no longer work and it keeps me home bound more often then not. That gives me ample time to play on the radio though so I guess there is something good from it.

I grew up about 30 miles north of Seattle, Washington (The Emerald City, my FAVORITE big city! And yes I've visited EVERY big city on the west coast of the USA as well as some in B.C. Canada and Baja Norte, Mexico) but at the age of 21 I moved across state to a very small town (in comparison) of just about 2,200 people. Although I must admit I miss my famous coffee shop I've come to like it here. It's peaceful and serene! 

My family and I have plenty of pets. We have an awesome malamute/Shetland sheep dog mix. 2 Guinea Pigs and a Panda Bear Hamster and an American Tree Frog. (We also had quiet a few dwarf hamsters but the last one died at the ripe old age [for his species] or 2 years) So I suppose you could say I'm a pet lover! I'd love to have some birds and maybe even some tropical fish!

I do have a life outside of amateur radio. I love all things technological. I'm never too far from my laptop or smart phone. I have a PS3, my brother has a Nintendo WII an my lil' sister has an X-Box. I tinker on some websites and I help people build and fix computers (before my hands got really bad from the RSD I did the building of the computers) I also am an Ordained Christian Minister and help  run a Bible Study and a Youth Mentorship program as well as a few local charities.

My favorite sport is Baseball, and as you might guess, being from Seattle, I LOVE the Mariners! Football would have to be my second favorite sport and yes the Seahawks are my favorite Football team (American Football, not soccer) I used to play both sports (I was way better at Baseball, I usually played right field) and also participated in a few Extreme Sports such as rollerblading and rock climbing!

I'm not married, my political and religious views are both moderate. I love psychology, history, music and movies.
I believe if somethings worth doing it's worth doing right. 
I also believe that when change is needed, change is good.
You shouldn't use people but instead should value them and
You should stand up for what you believe in!
I guess I'm a pretty normal guy!

Some of my PicasaWebAlbum. Click to see more.

VHF/UHF Real Time QSO Maps

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Frequencies I Frequent:
You can usually find me on or about these frequencies
 [propagation and time dependent]

  6m: 50.140
10m: 28.410 (if I am monitoring it's probably on .410) 28.425 , 28.435
17m: 18.140
20m: 14.295
40m: 7.205
75/80m: 3.970

Clubs: PNW-VHF-Society | WARTS Net | Columbia Basin Net | IEVHF Club | PARC

Bible Verses

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My Other Sites:




Current Solar Info:

I will try to update this every few days. Here I'll post my latest QSO's that are noteworthy. Whether its a good DX QSO, or just a memorable one for me...here's my ticker[most recent on top]:

Ti8ii-10m-Costa Rica
Ke7TUR-80m-WA State
K7SPO-80m-WA State

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