Karate Do Shotokai Israel is an organization occupied with serious investigation of the martial arts. Following Harada Sensei's approach.

Thinking of joining?
The participants of our groups are in search of the highest level achievable through martial arts. The search is not a dogmatic blind following after one leader or another. Harada Sensei encourages every participant to engage in deep research. Any person with a nice mentality and attitude is welcome to the group.
See Newspaper Article on Gladys and Bernard's visit: English version, Hebrew version with pictures

Bernard and Gladys : Feb 13-16.  Welcome back our good friends.

Israel Summer course 2013!! - Hosting Bernard and Gladys, July 20-July 23.  Please contact us for details; kds.israel@gmail.com

The Chair of our technical committee is Michael Ressa, who founded KDS in Israel, starting a small dojo in Mishmar Hanegev in the Early 90's. Michael often visits other KDS groups in Israel. Michael holds a 5th Dan Granted by Harada Sensei in the summer of 2010.

The chairman of the Israel Karate do Shotokai association and leader of the Jerusalem group is Prof. Yehuda Bar-Shalom, . Yehuda started a Shotokan group in 1996, but decided to join KDS after being impressed by Harada Sensei's approach, through a visit with the Sensei in England, followed by a course with Prof. Bernard and Gladys Mathieu in Israel, and the joint research with Michael.
Yehuda holds a 4th dan granted by Ohshima Sensei in the summer of 1995 and a
5th Dan granted by Harada Sensei in May, 2015, following Israel's spring course.
In the last few years we see emerging young leadership in the group, with Matan Gross being granted a 3rd dan, and lately Raz Levi, the leader of the Lod group, joining him in this advanced rank.

Where and When:
Jerusalem:  Leader: Prof. Yehuda Bar Shalom
Sunday: 20:30 - 22:00, David Yellin College, HaMa’agal St. Beit Hakerem. Thursday: 20:15 - 21:45, David Yellin College, HaMa’agal St. Beit Hakerem, (Males only)
contact: 0505643159
Thursday - Men and women, between 6:30pm till 8pm David Yellin College, HaMa’agal St. Beit Hakerem
contact: 0505643159   
Besides often having Michael Ressa as guest instructor, classes are also led by young instructors such as Matan Gross, Shira Langer and Gilad Arieli
Youth groups - evening hours at Matnas Beit Ross, 27 Najara St. Givat Shaul.
contact: 0505643159

Har Nof - Jerusalem
Contact Yehoshua Racz at 0545240163
Givat Mordechai (children) contact Shlomo Titon at: 0545311686
Givat Gonen School - for school students only

Lod: Tuesday evenings, Contact Raz Levi 054-7141320
Mishmar Ha’Negev:
Mondays and Wednesdays, evening, contact Michael at: 
0546614231.  (Michael also leads many children's groups in the Negev area)

Prof. Bar Shalom is now serving in an Academic Position in Mexico 

For more information on KDS philosophy in English and activities check the British Official KDS homepage.
There are many other official branches of KDS, in several languages.  See left

Short History - The Jerusalem group joining KDS
Yehuda has been practicing martial arts in Sensei Ohshima's organization since 1980 and along with his students has gained many benefits out of this practice. In the early 2000's Yehuda met Michael Ressa, then a KDS 4th dan, leading him to familiarize himself with Sensei Harada's approach. As a result, at 2006, he visited Sensei in England.  After that visit Yehuda invited Bernard and Gladys Mathieu to give a course in Israel. The course took place in the Reut dojo at the end of 2007.
Finally, Yehuda had to decide which of the two organizations he wants to belong to,. After considering the options, he decided, together with his students, to fully engage in Sensei Harada's approach and his kind of research and practice.