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Rich Melnik's Perkasa

Rich Melnik's Superb 1/24th Scale Perkasa


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Hi Dave, I remembered in a previous e-mail, you asked if I had any close-up pics of my 1/24 scale Perkasa. Since winter is upon us and the boat is in dry dock till spring, I took some close shots and I've attached to this e-mail. I'm in the process of  updating the boat with sound effects. Some tech notes on the propulsion I used: twin brass props driven by 2 direct drive HTI high torque motors controlled by a 200 amp ESC. Power source is a 12v 10amp hr. NiMH battery. These motors are very efficient propelling this size boat as you can see. They have internal cooling fans which keep the motors cool. I added heatsinks to be on the safe side. Hope all is well. Best wishes, Rich Melnik